JOURNAL: An Introduction to the head.

Source: The Photodiarist

Fashion, Art and Culture. The first thing that comes to my mind is People and Evolution.
Photography and Writing is created based on the pretext of recording a timeline, an opinion, a moment in time.

Self expression is built on the basis of all that I have mentioned above and then some.

In my opinion everything is transitory. Fashion evolves around a cycle process of initial ideas and then further processes. As with culture and it’s influences of the people.

And because of that, offers us the ability to interpret it as a form of expression.

The word Art is a big word in my dictionary. The process of creating and recreating bookmarks the milestones of human evolution. Isn’t it? With time, exposure and globalisation, we either move forward with the times or remain in an era we deem to feel the most comfortable with. Perhaps nostalgia, and appreciation for a moment in time passed by.

Our different takes with self expression have revolutionized so much so, that the word Style seems to have a re-emphasis of it’s own. Associated with individualism and a deeper yearning to connect. Even seek attention with.

With the current pace of globalisation, all thanks to the introduction of the Internet, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. The entrance of the term social media has established itself with many. And therefore the opportunity to seek influences, Read for knowledge and information seems to me, have taken a whole new direction of it’s own.

Taking my viewpoints into perspective, I wanted to create a Debative space of my own. With all that has caught my eye and instilled certain emotions. Most of the time, I would feel like a kid in a candy store running renegade. With the emotional reaction of a 6 year old, trying to write my age.

Call it my very own curating space. A cyber art curator with all things inspirational and expressive.

With all that said, a very personal take on my own exploratory journey to finding the self and nourishment for what I call Soul Food.

Maybe one day, Le Princess will find her P0is. All that it means to her through the numerous layers of mattresses.


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