ARTS: Singapore Arts Festival 2010

Well well. It is the time of the year again for the Singapore Arts Festival 2010.
I must admit I haven’t been as responsive to the Arts scene last year. But I definitely hope to explore a little more this year.
A few selection from the programmes list that I would like to check out.
There is a deep sense of relevance for me to this book by Stella Kon. Being the first book I had come in touch with Singaporean Literature. A musty well read book I had picked up at the Ang Mo Kio National Library, on a chance exploration into the local section for books. It was also the one book, that had me intrigued with the Peranakan Culture *Smiles* and provided a mini knowledge for a chance History trip to Malacca back in Secondary School. I must admit, I have been very lucky to be able to travel at the age of 15.
Catherine Lim had been the second with; Or Else The Lightning God and Other Stories.
Margaret Chan (Singapore)

The old mansion "Oberon," at 117 Emerald Hill Road


I have been hearing the mention of 云门舞集 Cloud Gate Taiwan for a long time, and yet to watch their works.
Visual impact and aesthetics is the biggest lure for me to attend contemporary dance performance. The beauty of the human form and its abilities to express. And of course, the costumes and use of colours.
Watching the video (below), made me curious about how the production is put forward. The combination constant – Lighting, Visuals, Sound + Living – Movement = Fluidity.
I remember in June 2008, a friend had invited me to attend a free outdoor arts peformance organised by the Singapore Arts Festival. Hydro Sapiens by The Lunatics, Netherlands at the Bedok Reservoir.

World Premiere: Hydro Sapiens by The Lunatics, Netherlands @ Bedok Reservoir

A very different venue and an outreach to the heartlands, why not? I thought.
I have never looked back since. Outdoor venues and free performances are really enjoyable. The vibe was almost carnival in a way. So sit back, relax, watch and soak up the atmosphere.
Bringing arts to the public masses is always a good thing.
A moment to awe, an event to remember if you make it one!

By Compagnie Carabosse (France)

Invitation to Dream - A Fire Garden Installation by Compagnie Carabosse (France)


“Karin Arts and Mariken Biegman are lady tailors/ entertainers who create original pieces of art using the clothes of members of the audience. To get participants ‘in the mood’, they are requested to take off their clothes and let these two handy ladies transform their outfits into original pieces of art – on the spot.”

This sounds wonderful! Such alot of fun!! A travelling, mobile atelier. I’m already grinning at the thought of it.
An event that challenges audience collaboration and spontaniety. Making clothes right of your back  on the spot. I can’t help but laugh at the idea. And it’s free too! Would be worth a check, even to see how everyone reacts to the idea.
In fact, I would love to have a piece made by them for me. Art all for myself!
  • The Mobile Sewing Company Workshop

Go behind the scenes with the two creative ladies of the Mobile Sewing Company and learn how to transform everyday clothes into works of art! Participants will learn different techniques of decoration such as hand sewing / machine sewing (with bicycle power!), painting, drawing with different materials using second-hand clothes, buttons, ribbons, blingbling and plastic flowers.

Learn to be creative with simple materials!

Date: 31 May
Time: 7 to 9.30pm
Venue: Kallang Community Club
Fee: $ 30 (PAssion Cardmember), $ 35 (Non-member)

Limited to 20 participants per class

Participants must bring their own clothes


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