ARTS: Andrea Bocelli Live @ Singapore Botanical Gardens


If only you can feel the power and charisma of Andrea Bocelli right now even though on screen. I’m humbled. Community get together and beautiful beautiful music.

20100508 The picnic crowd in the late evening. Cool weather, it rained earlier.

It was a dream and a journey that night for me. A very personal experience with opera in real life.Spending time with the little sister. Doing things I have missed and greatly enjoy. Live music, a picnic, lush greenery and a loved one. Simplicity at its best. Precious as it is for all that is worth.

I’m in awe, touched and humbled by the musical talents I hear today. I can understand now how good opera can move one to tears. Very very happy to hear ‘The Prayer’ Live.

The song that moved me to tears at the event. A memory instilled in my mind for a long time yet. Goosebumps inducing. (Not the YTL Concert version, but it will do).


20100508 YTL Concert Tickets for Andrea Bocelli Live @ Singapore Botanical Gardens

I am super excited to attend this. Considering that the tickets are balloted and I’m one of the lucky ones to watch it for free.
Only bummer is, I will be watching the ‘Live Transmission’ instead. Still good vibes. It’s a chance of a lifetime experience.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens is a place for reminisence. My childhood outings with my family. Feeding the swans. I will be going with my younger sister, whom I don’t get the opportunity often to do things together. It means something. Especially since we have never been to the Botanical Gardens together before.

Lineup before the main event:

  • The Jeremy Mointeiro Jazz band.

I am looking forward to having a nice picnic at the gardens and great music.
Live Jazz and the good stuff. One can only smile at the thought of it. :)

Besides the Singapore Philharmonic Orchestra and Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the concert will also feature:

  • Slovenian soprano – Sabina Cvilak
  • Flutist – Andrea Griminelli
  • Australian singer – Delta Goodrem.

Cheers to good music and a nice location!
Going to plan a nice picnic basket, glasses and drinks to make it an even better one.

20100508 Our Picnic Feast, Happy looking feast @ the Botanical Gardens


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