JOURNAL: Effort. Don’t waste the pretty.

Whoever had ever told you, yes you.

That the world only evolves around ‘Simon says or do’?. Whoever he is.

‘Don’t waste the pretty’. Whoever dictates that the way we percieve the phrase should always go hand in hand with the Author’s writeup?.

Words are an expression, the human mind is an endless vortex of space. I believe it is flexible.

And we have a choice to CHOOSE. DECIDE.

People, confuse me with their seemingly constant effort to seek change and yet.

At the very end of it, go back to conforming.

It seems to me, life has just become a process of diligent marketing.

One can twist anything around with clever marketing, engaging in a final sale of an idea, action or decision.

20100604 FB Graffitti art from the little sis. Happy colours for the weekend!

How about.

Don’t waste the pretty – Dress up and feel good :)

Don’t waste the pretty – Because time is only that much in a day?

Don’t waste the pretty – For all you are worth, it is never worth it to waste it over the inane.

Don’t waste the pretty – Because one day we are all just going to die.

Don’t waste the pretty – Life should be cherished, an enjoyable journey.

Don’t waste the pretty – Self respect comes forth when you gain strength from within.

DON’T  WASTE THE PRETTY, it is not just about the men and the letdowns in life.

Funny how LOVE, always seems to evolve around the opposite sex mainly for the singles.

How about TO LOVE, is to LET LIVE and FORGIVE.

TO LOVE is to cherish oneself more and the good things that happens in life.

TO LOVE, is to open your mind up again.

TO LOVE, there is so many aspects to do it in life.

Perhaps the Princess has found her pea.

There is never a castle built in the clouds. If there ever was, it only applies when i seek a dream and never took a single effort to try.

Life to me, is a constant transient phase of living it, and achieving answers.

Like a foetus to baby to childhood to puberty to adulthood. The longets rites of life is in the 5th phase before oblivion in the last.

Morbid? Really?.

2010 – A promise to the self to move on.

I aim to move on. Letting go is just a figure of speech.

It is the action of doing it, that truly requires EFFORT. Courage.

And that, my friend, is the ultimate journey in life.



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