ARTS: Angel Dreams by Zhang JingNa @ 4 Nassim Road

20100529 Angel Dreams by Zhang JingNa (Entrance)

Tues to Sat, 10am – 6pm
(Closed on Sun & Mon)
Free Admission

Japan Creative Centre
4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372

Isn't that what most of us want from the world of expression?. A means to create, offset, convey, feel.

20100529 Angel Dreams by Zhang JingNa

It has been really cool for me to explore the works of a young local fashion photographer.
She is only 22years of age, with a career that took flight in a span of 3 years.
Great stuff.

I like this shot alot.

The visit to an exhibition this time, enabled me to also explore more with space and angles for photographs.
It’s just fun to play with the camera abit, irregardless of results or professionalism behind the takes.
Carefree is the word.

There will always be something about asian beauty that tugs. The uptilt eyes, dewy skin. The fragile that can never be found anywhere else in the world.

Having heard about Zhang JingNa only a month or so earlier from a relative. It was also good to have the opportunity to view her works in person.

I have been drawn back to this phot a few times.. Something.. unspoken. Felt.

Love, the violin. Reminds me of Lucite. Clarity. Precious. One of my very favourite works. A musician has to become 1 with his personal instrument. Don't you think?.

Works I love – Euro Classical influence & Sugizo’s (X Japan/Luna Sea) shots.
More for the emotional perspectives and styling factor.
Fashion has its own influence.

Love this angle shot. How the colour, lighting (I'm against the window), photo moves.

I also enjoyed the wide airy spaces, white and architecture of the exhibition space. Back to the local scene.
Who would have thought?
4 Nassim Road peeps.

Japan Creative Centre, I miss good old architecture like this.

Initial lighting plays a focus in this photo. Natural light versus man-made.


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