LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: JOURNAL 20100604 The rainbow ignition.

“Emphasis on technique is justified only so far as it will simplify and clarify the statement of the photographer’s concept.” – Ansel Adams

Moto jelly. Being a kid again feels good.

Just the 3/5 of us, simple day out with the siblings brings back the inner kid in me

Been too long.
On a rainy afternoon with the siblings.

Don't they look so wholesome beautiful?

How lucky are you, if you manage to have a garden here?. Oh-so-happy looking garden tools.

This made me smile and think of running thru meadows n butterflies movie style down the aisle. Lol.. Happy colours are so apt to define that moment. WHAT A THOUGHT. I SHOULD HAVE.

KAWAII~ Super duper cute rubber bands. We grabbed it immediately!

:p I dug out all the flavors just to see what they got. Colourful yeah? How does Caramel choc sound?. :)


Rainbows. So transient. Ever happy, it comes and it goes.

Food, Love & Life. It all seem to come together.


Back to the old school. Potong Popsicles! I'm had the Chendol flavour. :)

You can see how I love colours from my sandwich :) Avocado, cream cheese, bacon, egg and tomato.


My Brunch. Lazy start on a Sunday :) it's good to see fresh food & colours on your plate. ♥ Avocado milkshake!

Jan 2010, look what nature greeted me with after a drizzle @ the pool :)


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