EVENTS: Friday’s plan to frolick with Art.

What’s making me excited! I have been looking forward to this actually, ever since I came across the poster last week.

The STPI will be transformed into five specially curated rooms consisting of contemporary living spaces: Studio, Playroom, Wardrobe, City, and Garden.

Being a lover of spaces, I could imagine how artwork could change how a person feel and react. Plays up the theme of 5 different rooms with different medium of works to evoke.

Have you visited the Singapore Tyler Print Institute’s website? It’s making me smile already. :) White spaces always do.

Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Ai Weiwei, Andy Warhol, Maurizio Cattelan and various contemporary art giants will be brought together for the first time in Singapore for this exhibition presented by SC Global Developments Ltd and the Singapore Tyler Print Institute. This comprehensive survey of over 200 rare edition works will give audiences in Singapore the grand opportunity to encounter a remarkable scope of artworks by the most significant artists of our time with a concise overview of contemporary art development in the last 25 years.”

ART: 200 Artworks 25 years Artisit's Editions Parkett

200 Artworks 25 Years Artists’ Editions for PARKETT
by The Singapore Tyler Print Institute 
Location: STPI
Date: 22 May – 17 Jul 2010

Since I am already around Mohd Sultan Vicinity, and did a little more research on the ongoing arts events happening around town. The exhibition for On the Brink: 5 Pakistani Artists by Fost Gallery is just right my alley for a day out with the arts. Pakistan, a country ridden by strife. How has the socio-economic / political environment evolved the artistes? What are the works they were to present, how would i experience it?. Questions, which are dued to be answered.

I’m a sucker to vibrant colours, the image is enticing already.

I hope to be able to check this out. 

Feels good to be putting effort to incorporate art to my lifestyle again.


On the Brink: 5 Pakistani Artists
by Fost Gallery
Location: FOST Gallery
Artist(s): Aasiph AHMED, Abdul Jabbar GULL, Adeel uz ZAFAR, Syed Faraz ALI, Usman GHOURI
Date: 4 Jun – 3 Jul 2010
65 Kim Yam Road,
Singapore 239366
tel: +65 6836 2661     fax: +65 6836 7904

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