LIFESTYLE: Tempat Senang Boutique Resort and Spa (Batam, Indonesia)

UPDATE: WE ARE GOING! I have a feeling I’m going to like this ALOT. We took the 3hrs package for a first try :) Looking forward to Wednesday already!


We might be heading for a Spa day out midweek instead!

I have been planning for a 3day getaway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A change of plans, which doesn’t really matter really. Away from the hustle and bustle is always a good thing.

Imagine Nature’s call of lush greenery, location exclusivity and some intense full day self pampering at a Spa. On a weekday.

I believe that very much sums up a modern urban short getaway.

Tempat Senang Resort & Spa

I have been missing a proper spa session for awhile now. This would be a good time to enjoy some proper personal / girly outing with good friends. And quiet time away from the city.

A long good rub of the muscles, a scrub down to slough off dead skin, a facial.. STOP! I’m dreaming about it already!.

Who would have imagined, Tempat Senang Boutique Resort and Spa nestled away in Batam’s commercialized touristy backdrop on a small island, would lie such a great treat? And only a mere hour away?.

“Owned by American Jasmine Borschberg and her husband, the five-suite property – which was previously a house owned by a Dutch couple who decided to move to a neighbouring site – opened in August and is named after the Bahasa Indonesia expression for ‘a place of happy thoughts’.” –

Tempat Senang Boutique Resort and Spa

The location looks enticing enough already from the photos. I’m looking forward to checking the place out properly, before a more personal blog on this.

Meantime, here’s a couple of things I would like to check out (and snapping lotsa photographs of course). I love home decors & spaces. Such seemingly beautiful landscaping & decor seems to be done to the architecture of the space. I do hope, there still retains a certain individualistic personal personality of the owners even though it has now been used as a business purpose.

Here’s the package we are looking into:

(Superb Value for money – Location / Incentives wise)

Full Day Spa 6 hours 9-16:00

  • $125+/Pax incl. small lunch
  • Your choice of 6 different spa treatments from our menu
  • Take the 8:30 Ferry to Sekupang Return on the 17:00 ferry
  • This package included lunch –
  • * Pick up from Sekupang ferry terminal

Based on the Spa Menu provided, I should be going for:

  1. BODY MASSAGE: Watsu – Water Shiatsu (What better time to try out a new Watsu Pool, and alternative massage?)
  2. BODY SCRUB: Balinese Coffee Scrub, increase circulation, helps improve cellulite (Love the smell of coffee.)
  3. FACIAL: Honey Oatmeal Yogurt, great all purpose mask (So yummy sounding!)
  4. BODY: Mineral Clay Therapy, for detoxification of the body and skin (Luxurious)
  5. KABUKI BATH HOUSE: Milk Bath (Always wanted to try that.)
  6. FACIAL: Clay Mask, for detoxification and oily skin (Maybe)
  7. BODY MASSAGE: Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage (Wanted Aroma massage oils in my experience too )

Do you feel the same way after a spa session?

Pampering your Face & Body is not just about living a luxurious experience. But very much so in aiding the circulation and functioning of lymph nodes and blood flow, release of chronic muscle pains built up from long hours at the work desk etcetra. Which I believe will aide in the everyday process of the working human body. Taking time away for the self, and enjoying a moment appreciating your own body and relax the mind.


To sum it all up, a quiet evening with a good book, a short dip in the pool. a full breakfast and a laze on a deck chair in the sun the next day, would have sum up a good Holiday. Might just plan for Tanjong Beach Club the next day.

Tempat Senang Boutique Resort and Spa

Other things that captures my whimsy at this point online:

Turkish Fish Spa

Hey, wouldn’t it be a little bit of fun having little fishes tickling your feet?

The Swimming Pool

Is there even time for a swim? I might just plan for another trip back for a proper over night stay for a day or 2 if this first adventure turns out well.

The Indian Room & Tree Room.

The Indian Room.

I have always been impressed by Indian Artwork and the majesty behind its intricacy and culture. So much pride behind their art. The room looks great wit the cushions placed strategically on the lounge chairs.

The Tree Room.

Just really fascinated by the hanging bed in mid air at this point. Could make for either a very dizzying experience or a gentle sway that could lull you to sleep.


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