LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Serendipity Patisserie (Singapore)

FOOD: Serendipity Patisserie (Singapore)

Muffin fad at home this wk :) My Fave is the choc ones with white/milk choc bits. Mmmm..Soft & moist, crunchy sweet bits that melts in your mouth.

FOOD: Serendipity Patisserie (Singapore) Cheese Muffin, Choco Banana Muffin w/ crushed nuts.

Good to be at home today. Serendipity Patisserie’s muffin, hot coffee & a book. Hoping for a quiet weekend.

Serendipity Patisserie (Singapore)

Kiosk No. 6

Trengganu Street (near Sago Street)


2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Serendipity Patisserie (Singapore)

    • Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Late reply but appreciated :) Have you visited the Doughnut Plant in NYC? I am extremely curious about it.
      Muffins was an old food fad here, then it was donuts (Nothing special here so far).

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