On the way for a spa session at a boutique hotel in Batam. Considering my past visit to the island & a bad experience for a spa scrub session in Nagoya. I hope this resort will meet up to at least a 4Star quality service.

Ambience, space (Interior Decor included), skill & Service staff matters in this case. Pricing is reasonable enough although the add on of the ferry fare & fees might equate cost to not travel at all.
That said, a change of location in a nice vicinity & quiet somehow makes up for that.

Looking forward to a dip in the pool, and dozing off really. Simple needs.


Lush greenery, slowdown in time & quiet. The shortest & nearest getaway closest to the Lion City. Service was efficient enough, we were picked up by a personal taxi. It was drizzling as the vehicle weaves through a forest of greenery, muddy small lanes. I can’t help but enjoy the moment of..peace. On foreign soil, away w/ company. Quiet meal on a balcony, enough art to feast your eye on & fantastic rustic architecture with a Balinese Thai concept.

If only I had time to use the pool.

It was really nice upon arrival, to fnd out that we had our own personal taxi to drop us off at the Resort.

Being told not to worry about booking our return tickect back to SG felt reassuring yet dubious at the same time. Being whisked away in a taxi on a rainy afternon, thru a completely surrounding actually felt.. Good.
Muddy little lanes, not quite sure where we are headed too. A taxi driver who speaks no English, constantly on his cellphone. Updating the hotel perhaps.

The reception area reminded me alot of the Jungle wild. With the use of animal prints and the ‘shack’ with a straw strewn rooftop. Interesting, it’s like stepping into a theme hotel.

Tempat Senang: Reception Area

Food ordering & final decisions for our spa package were taken on the spot. Our passports were also asked for, to book our return once we decide what time to leave the place. It was a shame I wasn’t able to enjoy the pool area or explore the property further due to time constraints. Next time perhaps.

Tempat Senang: Lunch - Nasi Champor for two pax. Beef Rendang, Sliced Omelette, Chicken satay (diff), Bittergourd crisps, Samosas & Indonesian gado gado (salad).

Tempat Senang: Table Setting. I like details.

Having batik on my lunch table, feasting my eyes on little details – Wonderful.

Food was a little expensive. But I think being to enjoy a Indonesian meal, prepared piping hot prepared by a true blue Indo chefon, sort of rounded off a getaway proper. Batam does feel alot more memorable this time.

What made me appreciate lunch that afternoon, was a smiling chef. Putting his head out of the door to the garden. Seemingly trying not to interrupt. The friendly smile!
“Mam, are you ready to eat?”
I was blown away. It’s like having a temp butler, food will be served only when seated. Little luxury.

A spa getaway should really take a whole day to relax the mind completely. I must say I loved the interior of the property.
There seemed to be a surprise of sorts at every corner. I really like the tap in the toilet! Made me smile.

Tempat Senang: Toilet Feature

The doorways to the different sides of the house for a first timer like me, felt like foliage wonderland. Balinese/Thai art were peppered around the resort.

Tempat Senang: One of my favourite furniture there. Beautiful.

Tempat Senang: One of the Doorways' on the property.

Spa – A petite young info lady lead us down thru another doorway to a little house. I could see the Shiatsu pool was still building. Can you imagine enjoying a water spa session out in the open surroundings?

I should say I am more impressed if the architecture than the spa service itself.
That said, I foresee potential in the resort itself should the spa staff gain more skill & experience.

You can read abit more on TEMPAT SENANG BOUTIQUE RESORT AND SPA in my previous entry.

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – The use of strength could be better.
  • Papaya Oatmeal Facial – 11 Steps. It was ok. I enjoyed the masks the most, for the delicious smells. My skin
  • Javanese Coffee Scrub – Scrubs always works wonders with skn exfoliation. The smell of coffee was rejuvinating.

Tempat Senang: Spa Exit Doorway

On the overall a good enough experience. A different take on a spa location away from Singapore. I would suggest the 6hr package t really relax and enjoy the property properly. Don’t expect too much on spa services for now, I have to say I enjoyed the space and quiet more than the service.

The resort have good potential though to grow, provided, the staff skills are enhanced and developed.



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