EVENTS: Things to look forward to in the month of July.

Lately, the importance of family bonds & nurturing established friendships to another level has been tops on my list. Finding new things to do, enjoying Singapore with a different eye. Cherishing the old places (memories) and embracing the new (future). I am constantly rejuvenated by the number of things one can do in Singapore, especially in the Arts scene. It is definitely getting alot more vibrant. This makes me excited. Instilling creativity and art appreciation especially in youths has always been a belief of mine. Even with the recent increased interest within my own friends from efforts made by me to introduce them to new activities has seemingly spurred them to look forward to new things in our home country. Explore more, feel, see, taste. The very epitome of enjoying life isn’t it? Titillating the human senses. With the current new tourist spots built and revamping of various public venues & new shopping malls. Singaporeans & foreigners, will both get to enjoy the efforts made from the marketing efforts made by these establishments and the government. For the month of July, here’s what I have in store for myself, friends & family. And it doesn’t really cost a single cent, maybe for transport. How cool is that?

My July Events Calender Summary at a Glance:

Night Festival : New World 2010 organised by The National Musuem Singapore

: National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, The Peranakan Museum, The Substation, Singapore Management University Campus Green, Stamford Green & Stamford House
Date: FRI 16 JUL 2010 – SAT 17 JULY 2010

Time: 7:00pm – 2:00am

FREE ADMISSION TO ALL GALLERIES at the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q and Peranakan Museum till 2am. The Singapore Night festival has been curated and produced by  Theatreworks. And I have been missing out in the past two years. Having seen the videos of the past festivities, my favourite has been The Harmony of the Spheres by Studio Festi (Italy). The beautiful pyrotechnics, and floating dancers & visuals on the balloons! Dreamy.. Opera music in the background. No more! With my digital camera geared and maybe a friend or two to watch the event together. I will make it THIS YEAR!. Paraboles 2.0 by Compagnie off (France) & Victric Tng (Singapore) will be something to look forward to. “the sequel to Paraboles will premiere in Singapore for the Night Festival organised by te National Museum. In collaboration with local director Victric Thng, who will create a series of videos especially for the event, the musical score will be conducted live by our very own Tours Soundpainting Orchestra, under the direction of Angélique Cormier.” – Compagnie off (France) I wonder how the festivities will pan out?

Singapore Night Festival 2010: Paraboles 2.0 by Compagnie of (France) & Victor Tng (Singapore)

'Abusement Park' @ SAM by Vertical Submarine (Singapore) and The Black Baroque Interventionists

Another to check out would be ‘Abusement Park’ at SAM. Let’s support local art! With a number of activites going on at the musuem, be sure to check them all out. Vertical Submarine and The Black Baroque Interventionists lay siege and occupy parts of the museum building, including the basement of SAM turned into an underground dungeon. Come enjoy some abuse with instruments of pain as entertainment and tortured souls as amusement.


EVENTS: Things to look forward to in the month of July. The Singapore Flyer

First Light Festival at Singapore Flyer organised by The Arts House

Date:    Saturday, 24 July 2010 Time:   From 4:30am Venue: Singapore Flyer

Public can purchase flight tickets from any Singapore Flyer ticketing counters, operational from 4:00am onwards. Normal flight ticket pricing applies.

In partnership with The Singapore Flyer, First Light is held in conjunction with the Orange Ribbon Celebrations (ORC), a month-long celebration of racial harmony in July 2010 along the theme, Friendship Without Borders.

And 3,500 complimentary tickets have been put up for grabs! I have already sent my email in on the 6th July right after release of the news (Thanks Dad for the early morning phonecall notice!) So fingers crossed. I’m really hoping to get the free tickets for my family, and make this a family event to remember.

Having been on the Singapore Flyer and enjoying the Sunset last year. The landscape around the flyer then was more about progress and change. Constructions and expansion. It would be lovely to experience the Flyer ride again, this time in the Sunrise. A full circle. Welcoming a new day, enjoying the view ahead. What Singapore has become and looking forward into. Again, with family.

20100799 Photo Taken from the Helix Bridge on the way to Marina Bay Sands
I have only just spoken to a ArtsHouse personnel today about my registration. It seems registration forms will only be sent out to us, after the 20th July 2010. For ticket and event details you can also visit the Singapore Flyer Website for information.

Experience Forum Theatre! With Li Xie organised by the National Library Singapore

Date: Saturday Jul 24

Time: 2:00PM – , 5:00PM

Venue: Level 1 – Visitors’ Briefing Room in National Library Building

My very first close range interaction with Dramabox was also through a workshop “Sing Your Way Home” organised by NLB a few years ago. Although Dramabox had been first introduced to me by a schoolmate and I have been to 2 of their forum theatre activities organised at HDB neighourhoods.

This would be a fun event. Permit yourself to explore your inner thoughts, opinions and even hands on experiences to conveying, discussing a message through. UNFORTUNATELY, the event is fully booked (I have just checked).

Memories. This had also lead me on to another event, a writing workshop organised by GoLibrary last year. My impression of our National libraries has been deeply instilled since young, and I must say Kudos to all effort made to make encourage community interaction, the arts and literacy.

“Forum Theatre presents a scene or a play that must necessarily show a situation of oppression that the Protagonist does not know how to fight against, and fails. The spectactors are invited to replace this Protagonist, and act out – on stage and not from the audience – all possible solutions, ideas, strategies. The other actors improvise the reactions of their characters facing each new intervention, so as to allow a sincere analysis of the real possibilities of using those suggestions in real life. All spect-actors have the same right to intervene and play their ideas. FORUM-THEATRE is a collective rehearsal for reality. – Augusto Boal, Rio de Janeiro 2004”


Imported but Beautiful by Trenton Doyle Hancock

Venue: Singapore Tyler Institute
Date: July 31 – Sept. 4, Tue. – Sat.
Time: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Address: STPI Gallery, 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238238,

I had a very good experience with the Parkett Exhibition at the Singapore Tyler Institute. And couldn’t believe since I have been there, that it was always just around the corner the many times I was at Alsagoff Bridge or Robertson Quay itself.

Having read this about a new upcoming exhibition at the Singapore Tyler Institute on I was keen to explore my sensory yet again at the same venue. How would another artiste’s work change my feelings about space. And what about his works?.

“One of the youngest artists ever included in the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial exhibition in 2000 and 2002, Trenton Doyle Hancock is known for incorporating comic-book imagery and surreal themes into his satirical, intricate drawings and paintings. Hancock’s large scale paper works created at STPI continues the saga of the “Mounds” a group of mythical creatures who are tragic protagonists of the artist’s unfolding narrative.” – STPI

Further reading into the exhibition, this paragraph had caught my eye.

“…characters of his ongoing visual battle between the forces of good represented by “Mounds” in their colour filled world, and the evil skeletal “Vegans” who live underground in a world of black and white. Each new work by Hancock is a part of a large narrative that presents the lives of these creatures from birth to eventual death.

Invigorated by the grittiest residue of cultures, Hancock draws inspiration from his first foray into Asia during STPI’s residency. Trenton says, “Haw Par Villa[3] is perhaps one of the strangest destinations on Earth – it is at once a place of teaching, therapy, and deposited demons and most of all it represents the extremes one will go to tell a story no matter how absurd.” –