BOOK MUSINGS: A Day at elBulli An insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adria

‘L’amant de ca norfeo digue: pèsol, ploma, barca.
La veu respongué: tongue, tongue, tongue.
L’amant afegi: nap, gerd, trufa.
Finalment la papil. La s’obri’

‘The lover of Cape Norfeo says: “Pea, feather, boat.”
The voice answers: “Tongue, tongue, tongue.”
The lover responds: “Turnip, raspberyy, truffle.”
At last the taste buds open.’
Excerpt; A Day At elBulli (The Kitchens at elBulli)

I was very amused by the paragraph when I first read it.
And yet, it left such a lingering aftermath of thoughts.
The words used, sentence composed – Aroused.
A traditional Catalan motto that runs along the workbench in the kitchen of the elBulli workshop in Barcelona.
I would love to spend a holiday one day there – Roses (Spain) especially with a dinner booking secured at the restaurant.
Photograph + Editorial commentaries and a smorgasboard of ideas thrown into one book.
I’m awed and inspired by Ferran’s team with food science and creativity. Art should not exclude food, it is an involvement of the human senses. And very much a big part of our lives.
I am also reminded that food, served highlighted by its natural taste has much to value.
Visual, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste & the Sixth sense (An invigoration of the mind).
A perception can be bent, with a change in food texture & components.
As a friend once told me “Reality is all based on Human perceptions”. Perhaps this is proven true.
This is food art, professionalism and creativity at its best.
El Bulli recieves 2000,000 reservations every year and entertains only 8,000 places. It is notoriously difficult to get a table there.

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