SHOES: A constant fascination, amusement. Fetish.

Source: Decor8

I have a shoe fetish.

Yeah, count me in on one of those lists, of what women like. (Uber cliche I know)

Yes, I might just have a secret ambition of a closet shoe collector. *Ha*

I can totally understand how some men might scratch their head and wonder about our fascination with it.

Its art I tell you. Cumbersome, glorious aesthetic art.

It can elongate your legs, compliment your outfit (I for one plan my dressing according to what shoes I wear. Yeah, I know. I ‘hear’ the smirk on your face).

Convey a message of your personality (More so than an outfit), colour up your day! Make you feel sexy, playful, flirty, serious (Ok never serious shoes for me. Define SERIOUS shoes anyway.)

Silhouette, that instant perk me up, correction of your body posture. (Oh yes, nothing less than a 4inch mind you). MAGIC!

Never ever fails to make me smile.

I wrote about shoes too many times before, the current architectural aspects of heel design (YES, I mean Heel. The bottom of your shoe. No I’m not talking about wedges/flats/brogues no no no. Not today. Not trens, just what makes me Uber awesome happy.)

Texture, colours and the element to surprise. Good design to me, embodies the involvement of visual and the mind. Like an art installation on a living human body.

Life is too short to take everything seriously, at least not all the time.

Here’s my picks, and I’m feeling a tad flipped out right now.

A missing shoe design in the shop! SOLD OUT! POOF! In 2 days. My heart is broken. Will recover. (Meantime it means the obsessive clicking on the website every other day to check if it is restocked. I’m obsessed I tell you! – Mesh, Embroidery, Black & Gold, peep toe SEXY. *Sigh* Maybe another order of 10 shoes in a box soon?.)

Lace-up peep toe oxford bootie (Black)

Black lace up booties appeal to me right now. Brogues & Oxfords are really chic smart, but not for me, But I love the detailing around them (Scalloped lace?) and the smart lace-ups. Now with a heel, va-va voom! Problem solved. Black a good colour to play around outfits, a little rocker element maybe? Love it.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte 120mm Sandals, £984.70

Heel design. I love shoes with quirky heels shapes. It appeals visually to me first, over colour or print.  Like Nicholas Kirkwood’s for Rodarte’s 120mm heels which I LOVE. Everything about it.

Multi buckle crocodile print heel (Black)

Multi buckle crocodile print heel (Champagne)

Now, pardon my deterring from my original bubble of thoughts. Enough braying over shoe love. NOT.

When a woman cannot decide between colour schemes of the SAME shoe design, it means – GET THEM BOTH. Excuse her, undecisiveness at times just means the brilliance of shoe lovin’ design.

Nothing too special going on the strappy frontier, just a lil mock croc. But ahh in a play of ‘sheen’ and detail to the heel – VOILA! Joi de vivre in a nutshell. For me at least. SOLD.

Studded suede stacked platform pump (Royal Blue)

Colour, Detailing & Texture. Technicolour galore. A woman’s world should be defined by a myraid of colours, of different moods and outlook to life. Why? Because life is too short to keep to a monochrome. Period.

Suede, she’s a little weather shy. Otherwise cute too. A tad hard to look after in disaster proned weathers. But still a chic element almost similiar to leather with a bit more surface personality. (Leather you age with style.)

Colour adds the fun! Detailing defines the character of shoe play!.

I really like this design for its subtlety in embellishments, little elements that oomphs up the overall shoe design, yet not fighting with the intense shoe colour. Stacked platforms add a certain sex appeal function and the covered pump design to balance with a dash of conservativeness. (Forgive my exuberate non editorial explaination.)

Satin ruffle platform heel (Red)

Satin ruffle platform heel (Front Detail)

Satin in a Va-Va Voom Red. All the red hot sex appeal. Ruffles are just plain flirty in my books. But an element like this, adds to a surprise element. Huge ruffles on your feet. Why not? Something different, adds a dash of courage to your personality. Attention seeking for sure, just mix it with a toned down outfit. Let the shoes do the walk.

Satin, a luxurious theme comes to mind. The ruffles just offsets the posh image by abit and add the naughty element. LOVE! Big details, single embellishment for a shoe.

Suede peep toe bootie wedge (Dark Taupe)

Suede peep toe bootie wedge (Navy Blue)

Remnisent of Shellee Steffee Spring 2010 collection with a different twist. The shoe colours I adore. Especially the Navy Blue. It has been a colour that I have been in love with since 2 years back after Black. Looking at them basically nudged me to relook at an old blog of mine about the designer. Funny how a mind remembers stuff. Taupe is another classic colour.

My usual choice of colours that can never go wrong for shoes and bags: Black, Tan, Brown, Camel, Grey & Navy Blue. Taupe is another addition of late.

Shelly Steffee Spring 2010

Shelly Steffee Spring 2010

Shelly Steffee Spring 2010


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