SHOES: Come to heel Kitty!.

Velvet bow side peep toe pump (Black)

Sex on heels I say!.

Been looking out for a pair of velvet shoes. Red heels = Come to mama!.

I love the neat little red bow with the gold center at the side.

Plays up the flirtatious factor, and the hints of red equates NON SIREN LOUD sensuality.

4inches and above ba-by. Nothin’ else.

Velvet leopard bow side pump (Camel)

Prints especially leopard prints oomphs up the ‘MEeeoow’ level.

What is it with the come hither feel with it?.

Feel your inner animal instincts yet?

I’d seriously buy both.

Each for the sex kitten look subtle or not. With a little black dress (I’m imagining a simple plain Black U Back Dress) – Ooh La La.

Suede platform heel (Green)

Green. I could have a whole collection of green shoes for the whimsy of it – If I could.

Love green, almost every shades of it.

Green suede, how sexy is that?

I happen to own a pair of Metallic Gold T-Strap Sandals in the very same heel design. C.O.M.F.Y

Do I hear a cheerleader cheer? Yes, I repeat. C.O.M.F.Y

I could walk forever in these heels.

Covered round toe-d pumps always gives me a more womanly conservative moment. Sans the green of course! It can only add character.

Colour play tells alot about a person’s boldness to experiment (In my opinion).

Woven trim pointed toe pump (Gold)

I’m not too bown away by the metallic gold colour yet.

But the woven design sure wins some points.

Perhaps with a pair of Trousers / Dark Blue skinny jeans might just do the trick.

Biege always looks chic with gold.

Again, little bow details. Adds on to the girlish factor = LOVE.

Alright shoe ogling session over and out.

Another night of eye candy indulgence.


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