LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Riverwalk Tandoor @ Landmark Village Hotel (A Review)

It had been a second time opportunity to visit Riverwalk Tandoor again, this time for it’s al la carte menu.

The Lunch/Dinner Buffet is surprisingly affordable. Starting at $12.90++

Over the past two years, I had been gradually introduced to North Indian Cuisine foods. Which had also deepened my penchant for the Indian Culture. Food being the lastest, amongst Fashion, Movies and Music.

Being able to immerse myself with other religions and cultures, lifestyle habits had always been a core aspect of my social lifestyle. I guess only by having an open mind to experience the different cultural aspects, could only then further enable me to explore my sensories and perspectives in life. Especially starting it at the homefront – Singapore.

It had also inculcate a certain interest in me, with the origins of spices and its trade – Middle Eastern influences etceteras. which in fact lead me on to my next journey of a foreign culture: Arabs.

Food tantalizes the sensories, heightens a certain cultural context and understanding of its traditions. Only through eating can one actually associate its tastes and flavours and our own perceptions of a culture. Food brings people together, accentuate/finishes off a social gathering. Atmosphere, service staff and vicinity complete the experience as a whole.

I apologize once again for the non professional photos, picture below are all taken with an iphone in lomo mode.

FOOD: Riverwalk Tandoor @ Landmark Village Hotel

We had chosen to be seated outside on a chilly rainy evening for a meal. Which turned out to be a great choice – Fresh Air and a cozy  enough atmosphere by the hotel poolside. A quieter and less chaotic crowd suits the mood.

Potted plants surrounds us, adding to the relaxed ambience, partially orchestrated the nature feel.

Rattan furniture and ornaments – lamps, Sofas & low tables, cushions and a muted plasma television telecasting a soccer game (Great for us group of girls).

I especially appreciated the colour theme, a cooler palette used instead of the richer warm theme used in the interior of the restaurants. Perhaps to complement the swimming pool with its use of browns and turquoise.

FOOD: Riverwalk Tandoor @ Landmark Village Hotel (Poolside View)

We had ordered:

  • Starter: Pappadum with mint sauce
  • Starter: Kashimiri Naan (Butter flavoured oven baked bread with chopped mixed dried fruits and nuts)
  • Main: Peas Pilao (Briyani rice flavored with saffron strands cooked with peas)
  • Sides: Matter Paneer (Cottage cheese cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce)
  • Sides: Butter Chicken (Boneless chicken cooked with butter, tomatoes & ground spices)
  • Sides: Mutton Jalfrezi (Boneless Mutton chunks cooked with Indian Herbs and Cashew nuts)

FOOD: Riverwalk Tandoor @ Landmark Village Hotel

I must say, because I am such a sucker for crockery. I loved the bronze and aluminium embossed pots and bowls the dishes came served in. It adds a certain earthier element as compared to porcelain or glass food is plated on usually.

A few photos of the food menu we selected above, sans Peas Pilau & Mutton Jalfrezhi.

Indian lentil crackers deep-fried, served as snack; with mint sauce

I’m a little boggled by the serving of mint sauce. Is that a North Indian practice? The only association I have with Pappadum so far was with Briyani or Dum Briyani.

Our order of Kashimiri Naan. Naan is a Plain Indian bread roasted crispy in clay oven

I loved the buttery taste of the naan, the chopped fruits added to a certain sweet aromatic after taste. And a more complex texture as compared to plain naan – which I would prefer only to replace rice as a main.

I would recommend this, to be eaten as a sweet snack or semi light after meal dessert, to be shared amongst company.

Comparison wise (with only Anjappar@Syed Alwi Road & Islamic restaurant@North Bridge Road so far), the latter has a lighter fluffier product. Although less generous with the dried fruits.

Anjappa performed the least with the Kashmiri Naan.

Matter Paneer (Cottage cheese cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce)

I think I am beginning to take Paneer (Usually home made cheese) as a staple dish to every in North Indian Cuisine I go to next time.

It has a super milky aroma, with a soft crumbly, semi firm texture akin to Feta Cheese maybe? (Not quite a conessiure with cheeses yet).

The hot spicy paste it came with, basically highlighted the tastebuds. Really good mashed up in rice.

Butter Chicken (Boneless chicken cooked with butter, tomatoes & ground spices)

For a ‘Low-Medium Hot Level’ person like me (I mean chilli hot- HOT!), this is basically more about the taste, than sensation. Although my ‘Hot Level’ girlfriends all admit that this is abit spicier than usual.

I like it though, there is a braised taste to it (That hot charcoal fire taste really), that had me hooked. Just drink more water. *Grins*


Food were served quite promptly. Perhaps because a certain portion of the dishes we had ordered had come from the buffet table itself (I am assuming).

Otherwise wait staff were friendly enough, otherwise distracted at times by the plasma television. even on a quiet Monday night.

Requests for extra cutlery or even to take a photo for us are all greeted with a smile. Although water glass refills could come more frequently.

If you are better off without wait staff hovering around you alot, then this would be ok.

On the overall, this is an enjoyable enough experience. Very possibly highlighted by the vicinity, company and relaxed agenda. The food is really pretty good and affordable.


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