LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (A Review)

I had a very unforgettable experience at this restaurant.

Not only was it a very good friend’s 1st child’s 1st Birthday, but the opportunity to dress up in all the Indian granduer at a very elegant setting.

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City

“Dressing up, feeling good.

From tasting proper North Indian Cuisine, Admiring the vibrant elaborate costumes. (Seriously the Indians take looking good to the next level). Call me biased, but they take effort. i admire that.

Love Indian Jewellery and Clothing. ♥
This will be special because of my first time dressing up in ethnic wear – Indian after so long.
Celebrating a good friend’s 1st child – 1st birthday!
Getting together again properly after so long, great ambience and food. Can’t complain!

Great hosts, for picking the venue, putting effort to build up the festive atmosphere (Well done guys!)

Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Almost feels like I’m being transported out of the SG scene for the few hours. Laughter, Beauty defined.
Gluttony personified!”

Shahi Maharani had first blown my breathe away with its intimate interior, and of course – what else? Interior decorations. Everything in it, etches a certain class and distinction to the patron’s mind. The best North Indian restaurants I have eaten at thus far in Singapore. In terms of food standard and atmosphere.

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (Table Settings)

And of course while you could ogle at the dinnerwares, interiors, table settings and party atmosphere (Feel it yet? Kudos to my friends who put in the effort. Confetti and balloons etc)

And for me to admire again, the design elements and adornments within the restaurant. Especially the lightings.

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (Lighting)

Have the elegance of the chandelier taken your imagination away yet? Here’s another shot of the ceiling lamps. What beauties!

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (Lighting)

I have categorized this post under lifestyle, duly because of my focus on the overall eating experience than a focus on the food itself. Although I must say, everything down to the food was exceptional. The variety of dishes, quality of food, the food presentation, condiments to the wait staff (Have I mentioned an open viewing of the kitchen yet?). Everything that is crucial to make your dining experience a lasting memory.

Open Viewing concept of Kitchen, and a glimpse of how the food was served. Buffet Style for a social function

And because I am a very visual prone person, when it comes to interior decors. Here’s a photograph of the Buffet Table.

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (Buffet Table Setting)

FOOD: Shahi Maharani @ Raffles City (Condiments/Hor D'oeuvres)

Lastly, a photo of my neatly arranged buffet plate (Yes, laugh!). It was impossible for me to snap photos of the food when it was more just to capture moment son the camera of the people I enjoy my life with on a get together. Dressed up and all.!

Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Makhni, Mutton Potato Curry, Butter chicken of sorts (YUMMY), Honestly pretty good mixed veg. with more cottage cheese. And shitake! Never knew they eat shitake.

I think for every function, one should fully have an understanding of the term: Lifestyle; to comphrehend the true meaning of a organizing an event in social setting.

A shared atmosphere of an event, greatly depends on the location, theme and efforts made to the emphasis of a joyous celebration. In this case, food and minute details of the restaurant’s presentation & interior decor has also played to its best.

Of course the guests and hosts plays a large part in making it a success. Because, only when a celebration is much remembered with photos to prove from the faces of the people who had attended (of course with a good photographer to document) and talked about in time, would it all come together.


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