“A picture is worth a thousand words”

From my album ‘Moments taken with the phone camera’; here’s a snippet of what defines me.

Let’s start off with FOOD and EMOTIONS.

Lazy sunny days, when you are able to wake up late.

Breakfast foods, what is about it that makes us smile so? For me at least.

My Brunch. Lazy start on a Sunday :) it's good to see fresh food & colours on your plate. ♥ Avocado milkshake!

Or colour. Your favourite colour on a bad day.

In this case, a coordinated meal in shades of ‘Green’.

Good friends.Comfort Food.

So does Ayam Penyet with the bestie. Look! I'm eating on a lime green table. :) Can't help but to smile again. Favvie colour.

And a picnic at the gardens.

Amidst lush greenery, hordes of people (on that day).

Andrea Bocelli Live @ The Botanical Gardens Singapore.


Picnic food. Really enjoying this. Cool weather, music, people, good vibes & lush greenery. Slowdown mode..

A simple vegetarian meal provided at a Hindu Temple?

My very first traditional Indian Wedding and visit to an Indian Holy establishment.

Temple vegetarian Indian food. A first time trying and the very few times I use my hand to eat.

Or at times. When heritage calls.

And you miss a good old session with local delights.


I got my Chinese dessert fix! Tri steamed cakes (Yam,Pumpkin & Carrot). Mango Pomelo & Chinese rice dumpling. Craving APPEASED.

Breakfast.Tea time.

It all becomes a blur. Almost similiar and yet.

Like a friend once commented: Idyllic.Relaxed & Slooow..

Cheese toast my little sister made for me - tea time :)

Of course because I love colours, crockery and coordination. 3Cs.

Personal quiet time, Books and Coffee is. BLISS.

Like how the colours actually compliments n blends in the photo. Love the colour green and gold. And coffee in a huge cup! This kind.

And dinner get togethers.

A celebration of friendships. Womanhood. Laughter. Cultures.

Anjappar, an Indian Restaurant. Seriously yummy Fish Tikka. Loved the Okra dish too. Good food Good company again :)

And happy meals! Happy Places.

How can we forget to listen to the inner voice within us?


Indo platter @ spa. Spice,quiet & a friendly chef. Quiet afternoon :)

Or having all my favourite things at a go.

A quiet afternoon alone.

A visit to an art exhibition.

A good book, fastfood, my favourite fringe bag.

A cola to quench the thirst on a hot sunny day.

Reading by the river with a view.

And time suddenly seems to standstill. Seemingly eternal.

In a photograph of course.

An afternoon summed up with a cheeseburger meal (Fast food rocks sometimes), a cola to quench the thirst. A great book (A thousand splendid suns) & a view by the river. Before going to an art exhibition.


Just happy to be out on a sunny evening for dinner. Family's fave neighbourhood kopitiam makan fare :) Cravings curbed!!. Stewed pig trotters.


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