LIFESTYLE: The simple things in life.

Sometimes when words seems unsuffice to describe a moment, a feeling or a story.

When writing seems to not be the choice mode of the day to express.

Photographs helps.

I have always been enamoured by the feelings one can be evoked just by looking at a visual piece.

Photographs documents memories that could have been gone forever, a moment that one could have failed to see/acknowledged.

What keeps you simple? Down to earth, as this earth rotates  and something seems to be happening around us in every second.

Time that never stays still, and I quote “In these increasingly troubled times” what keeps you real?

I loved the idea of: “Don’t think. Just shoot.” A phrase I heard from a lomography documentary recently.

Floats my boat and perspectives in life.

“A photograph is not an opinion. Or is it?” – Susan Sontag


Butter+Fruit Loaf Toast+Peppermint Tea & Bed! ♥

A Full Moon.

I is HAPPY coz I've got Party Nails!! Pwetty Shiny Rainbows.

A feminist point of view?.

:) Always lived the view here. Epitome if HDB life versus the city. Urban landscapes & home.

Nostalgia. A Chinese Mutton Soup stall run by an old couple @ Tiong Bahru Hawker Center.

Familiarity. A typical home cooked meal in preparation.

A sunny afternoon of learning.

Eyes glazed. But I've got sugar. It keeps me going.


culture and progress.

Thru' new eyes, Night vision.


Cheddar Cheese!.

I amuse myself. Half pint anyone? :) My Friday Night in a nutshell:

Manmade versus Natural light.


What I wore to sister's birthday dinner today. SATC gladiator inspired shoes in Red.

Bright airy space & quiet reading.


I miss colouring.

Finding beauty.

A model for a day.

Blinging up my ugly earphones retractor, right about now.

Kindda like the details behind the chair.

'Happy meal' to end the day yesterday. Snuggled up in bed w/ a romance novel (lol) in the rainy weather, and heartlander foods to munch on :)


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