LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: When Food & Photography collide.

I love it, when I unknowingly introduced myself to a new sensory feast online every time.

Middle of the night ogling over food photographs – a good thing?. *Sigh*

However, recently, the concept of how food is presented and taste had been on my mind. A fascination. The next level of imagination.

Currently, reading Julia Child’s ‘My Life In France’ has been inspiring me so. The cooking methods. The emphasis on real flavours, letting the food speak for itself. Walking through the book with her on her experiences in France and its cuisine. Lifestyle.

And photography and food styling. Plating food is almost like the next thing, besides ogling at crockery and cutlery.

Everything has to come together.

Blame it on my Home Economics musings way back in secondary school.

One of my favourite subject, all it took was observerance, listening and creativity.Time management, a genuine interest with cooking & fun with presentation.

Can I call this an organic way of food presentation?


The styling is clean and straightforward.

The food speaks for itself on the photographs.

What art!

*Tummy growls. Limbs aching from a late run. Visual eye candy*

Jarrete de Cordero + crema de patata

I love how clean-cut this visual is. The essence of the dish just jumps out at you. Wholesome.

Huevo Soufle + espinacas y sobrasada

Hearty.Simple.Beautifully crafted.

Nuestra Lasaña crujiente

Doesn’t the visual of the melting cheese just makes you want to pounce on the dish? Imagine already.

Tomate de Huerto + cebolla + bacalao + olivada

Allow me to introduce you,  of the Balearic Islands in Spain, (Yet another amazing looking eatery)

Ses Forquilles’

Address: Carrer de Rovellada de Dalt 20, Maó

Phone: 35 27 11

You can visit their facebook page: HERE

The amazing photography by:

Fotos hechas por Oskar & Merce
Sa Fàbrica espai art
av.jose mªquadrado nº63


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