A look for Halloween 2010

Another year has come forth for the celebration of Halloween.

And I am looking forward to it!

All the styling and DIY accessory making.

The slow put together of a look based on a budget.

A challenge – yes?.



Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s had started off the first process of style inspiration.

But knowing that it is a look that is often copied and probably worn by many during Halloween.

I decided to opt for a more oriental approach.

The sentiment behind class and being a woman.

The influence and inspiration from a style icon.

A moment in time.


I am extremly excited about trying this look!

I’m thinking ShangHai 1920s.

With a Cheongsam, Elbow length black gloves, luxe.

Flapper inspired hair accessories maybe?

And definitely fingerwaves.

I wanted a sexy chic look this year with a more european influence.

I’m also, trying to play with the idea of thinning my eyebrows just for the look.

Drastic but might be worth it.


Keywords for this year’s Halloween look.

1920s. Finger Waves. Audrey Hepburn. Flapper Girls. Long Cigarette Holder. Black. Bling. Sassy. Mysterious. Class

And an ode to being oriental. Being Chinese.


I had found a video on makeup and hair. To build the basis for the foundation of my look.


Taking a video that was built around Dior’s Autumn Winter 09/10 runway look

You get the idea yet? Something dark, gothic maybe and yet oozing sensual.

And here’s for the hair:


The following weekend is going to be a fun one for me, trying out a new look.

Some photos for inspiration.

I super love this look and her style.

Source: http://www.swingfashionista.com (Third Time’s The Charm’ collection by Joolz, AU)

Third Time’s The Charm’ collection by Joolz, AU

Vintage like wine.

Right, that’s just about what is in my head right now.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 Shanghai Collection



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