FASHION: Louis Vuitton PRÊT-À-PORTER S/S 2011

Blew my mind Glitzies! Spring/Summer 2011.

Not that it is ever in these seasons in Tropical (at the mo. Rainy Singapore).

Always excites me the most, with the slew of colours and airy vibe that always follows.

I have never really taken a real notice to Louis Vuitton’s Couture / Ready to wear.
But a brief glimpse through LV’s S/S 11′ catalogue just and a video of the runway show now. I have changed my mind.

Maybe sometimes all it takes is, chance.

I’m an old world girl at heart. Don’t we all love a little glitz, luxe and glamour sometimes? Think ‘Shanghai Tang’.

A favourite collection for me so far, was Marc Jacob’s for Louis Vuitton S/S 2011. Bold, rich jeweled tones, Oriental influences, Shine and Silhouettes. Such wearability.
This has been one collection, that I enjoyed every outfit.

Inspires and befits the upcoming Chinese New Year doesn’t it?

A few looks that I feel that could be replicated using your own imagination.

E.G Sequined Belts, Chandelier Earrings, Satin Jumpsuits/Dresses, Bold colour combination you can be inspired with for wear.




Colours, Colours, Details and some boldness to boot!

Louis Vuitton S-S 2011 collection

Louis Vuitton S-S 2011 collection


Oriental looks I love in the collection.



Style and fashion comes together with some part gut, some part trend.

Shoes and accessories always completes a look.


I usually think Monograms are a little common especially in LV crazy Asia. But this caught my eye The form and details.

Shoes. how can I forget that?

An image flows when a foundation idea is well put together for an outfit.

Details as usual, never fails to inspire me.

So spice it up! Add a some colour and boldness to your persona.


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