Eating Healthy: Fresh Fruit with Homemade Yoghurt

EATING HEALTHY: Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt

You can’t beat a better feel good session in the morning before heading to work. Than a fresh made breakfast, packed chock full of vitamin goodness.

I have recently also been making my own yoghurt. Which means fresh yoghurt everyday and the satisfaction of nurturing your own food. (Don’t you dislike spilt tubs of yoghurt when you don’t eat them fast enough? Or paying for artifical flavoured yoghurt?)

A friend of mine has brought back her batch and introduced me to this ongoing chain of yoghurt making (READ: Japan – Taiwan – Singapore).

This article basically says it all about my sentiment! Why Make (Homemade) Yogurt At Home?

What i do basically,

  • Drop a tablespoon of the ‘yoghurt’ into a glass of cold milk.
  • Leave it overnight for around 7-8hours. The milk will coagulate into a semi firm – ‘Jello’ texture.
  • Which, I would then, transfer the glass to the fridge prior to eating/using it.

NOTE: I had followed an american recipe that had instructed to boil my milk. There had been no difference in taste. And it also killed my ‘live cultures’ upon mixing them in the hot milk.

Here’s a local recipe to make yoghurt properly. (Which means you can find the ingredients readily at supermarkets to make it!)

How to make yoghurt

And a really simple personal breakfast recipe, which will titillate your early morning senses.

Colour, Texture and smell.

Eating Healthy: Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt

EATING HEALTHY: Fresh Fruits and Yoghurt (I crumbled Raisin and Oats cookies for added crunch)


  • You can mix the honey into your bowl of yoghurt (please use a wooden spoon to retrieve honey, not metal ones!!
  • Or mix the honey into the fruits before spooning dollops of yoghurt over. All a matter of preference and presentation.
  • Or make a parfait! Just remember to prepare muesli for this.
  • Sprinkle Almonds over as garnish.
  • Voila! Enjoy. Make sure these are cold, to better enjoy it. :)

Now if you are beginning to wonder: Golden Kiwi Vs. Green Kiwi Is There Any Difference Except the Color?

Read an article – HERE.

  1. The green kiwi has sometimes been described as tasting like a strawberry banana. It is      slightly tart, with a soft but slightly grainy pulp, similar to a ripe pear.
  2. The golden variety is much sweeter, and the pulp is softer. It is sort of like eating a mushy fruit salad.

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