HOME & DECOR: Stilettos Pot Planters and Bookends by Rachel Mahlke

I love shoes.

I always think the best way to judge a woman’s true persona is by her shoes. Serious.

I love everything and anything to do with home decor and design.

And I love books.

And this caught my eye.


HOME & DECOR: Stilettos Bookends by Rachel Malhke via giddyspinster's shop

These upcycled stiletto heels are a visual reminder of the increasingly artificial representations of femininity in American culture. – Rachel Malhke

She calls it Upcycled. I look at it as a awesome, inspiring way to Recycle Heels. (Which of course have to be in a decent enough condition). You can see the rest of the bookends: HERE

Or actually, have some fun with the shoe theme.

With a hidden, more ironic message.

Do you love? I do. <3

The  Artist/Shop owner’s concept. I like her already. :)

*-these shoes are used/ upcycled. The concept is about hard-working women, the increasingly artificial nature of American femininity, and the impossible images that women face in our society. It’s a prickly, spiky, sticky situation… – Rachel Malhke

Shoe themes, always seems to epitomize feminity, sexuality . Include it in Home and Decor? Genius.

It oomphs up the fun factor, enables you to ogle at your shoes even more?

And it’s way fun to shop for shoes now. Even better, in BIGGER Sizes and for other uses.

via giddyspinster's shop

How about some embellishments for your shoe?

HOME & DECOR: Pot de fleur chaussure by Rachel Mahlke via http://www.leblogdesign.fr

HOME & DECOR: Stiletto Planter by Rachel Malhke via giddyspinster's shop

This made me smile. I love Gold shoes. It ups the Glam factor, don’t you think?



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