FASHION: Victoria Beckham

FASHION: Victoria Beckham

You know how it is when you think you won’t like a product.

But then you realise after some time that you do?

And usually it can be your evolving taste/preference or the product has proven it.

Right, I shall not attempt to explain anymore. But you know you like something, when you are intrigued.

Left a mark in your impression.


Victoria Beckham. I would never have imagined she would be my favourite ‘Spice’ after all these years.

Her branding had remain true throughthe years. Posh.Chic.Stylish.

In the case of fashion,taste and talent – hands down. I’m blown away by her ability to style, design a clothing line and carry herself.

A couple of clothing items and looks I love on her:

FASHION: Victoria Beckham in a Giambattista Valli Cape

FASHION: Victoria Beckham (My favourite look)

FASHION: Victoria Beckham wearing Victoria Beckham tangerine-coloured silk shift with "spinal zip" feature

FASHION: Victoria Beckham

FASHION: Victoria Beckham in Loewe Spring 2009 RTW

Going through her online photos, for the first time (Yes, really).

Although it did piqued my curiousity when I went through her Victoria Beckham FALL 2011 Ready to Wear Collection via previously and was impressed.

I realise, it is a woman’s job to dress and look good, it is effort but also alot about knowing yourself.

A good image leaves a trail for self branding. It also lets you linger in the mind’s eye.

She has convinced me a good blazer could be a more than just an investment.

And perhaps, I have found my first favourite fashionista in the 2000th year.

Looking at the photos again, had me realise I found the style in my ‘minds’ eye.

Bug eyed glasses – Check. Sleek, chic and smart – Check. Androgynous yet sexy – Check.

Personal Style – Awesome.


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