FASHION: Of Trinkets and Baubles.

Tasteful, chic and one of a kind. That made me think twice about collecting franchise store baubles now.

Whoever said BIG and Colourful is GAUDY? Proven otherwise yet?

I’ll start with statement making pieces. not the clothing but the accessories.

The item that oomphs up/cpmpliments your outfit, or otherwise could make a part of you the statement, wherever you got.

I always find statement accessories a big draw. Right after shoes.

Yes, Big and chunky.

It displays alot of your boldness and daring in self expression.

Also, colours and drama adds up to the daily cycle of life.

It gives and breaths life to a day. Don’t you think?

Here’s a few designers I have discovered lately.


Dennis and Nancy Edaakie started making jewelry in 1965 and have become known for finely detailed bird imagery on pieces made in the overlay inlay technique. – Read about their Biography HERE

I had been interested in Phillipino Fashion and Movement lately.

The avant garde.

Not that the grass is always greener than the other side.

But more a matter of S.E Asians and their outlook and perspectives to fashion.

I have been reading alot on European Fashion and their own interpretation (most fashion houses are from Europe anyway) for awhile now.

The Sartorialist for example has opened up alot of our perspectives towards street fashion. Mainly in countries out of asia (Although I have seen Korean Fashion featured lately).

I still find Singaporeans having a lack with self initiative with fashion. But what about the other side of the world?

Sometimes, sure. The club scenes in cities might have a few fashionistas or two. Or even getting fashion inspirations from creative professionals or even people with a bigger budget focus on fashion. But a true inspirational fashion persona is hard to find.

How about the younger people? Irregardless of race, background or financial ability.

The Trinkets and Baubles of the fashion scene. The word by mouth of the future.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out more?

NICOLE WHISENHUNT: EDEN Collection. Ava Necklace (Phillipines)

NICOLE WHISENHUNT: BOUDOIR ROCK Collection. Rita neckpiece

NICOLE WHISENHUNT: BOUDOIR ROCK Collection. Jagger neckpiece

Joyce Makitalo for Rajo Laurel's Insect collection (Phillipines)

WYNN WYNN ONG Brazilian Aquamarine Enamel Ring (Phillipines)

WYNN WYNN ONG Tumbled Smoky Quartz Enamel Ring (Phillipines)


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