HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of White & Bedroom Dreams.

I have found an almost version of a dream bedroom in my head.

HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of White & Pales. The Linen House (Melbourne)

Natural Light, White Frames, Glass Panels, a Lush Bed and a Garden setting.

Not overtly opulent, light, airy and classy.

Imagine waking up to the sunlight shining on your face, the smell of fresh flowers and foliage.

Birds chirping just outside, and a smattering of soft pillows around you.

Another moment of bliss~


HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of White & Bedroom Dreams. Anna-Malin Lindgren

Do you feel what I feel now?


The idea of fresh flowers might daunt some people.

The upkeep as a decoration at home, maintenance & cost.

Maybe it also has alot to do with the doubtful – what to do with dainty, fresh living thing/s in your place?

I’d say, think about the complementing colour palettes of your personal space and think of areas where you can lighten up the mood and nooks that needs a little sprucing up.

A flower in bloom, gives you that moment of appreciation. A view for reflection.

A  moment in time. Almost like when you recieve a bouquet of flowers.

The joy~


Easier said than done perhaps, but you get my gist.



HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of White & Bedroom Dreams. (Photo via The Cherru Blossom Girl)

Floral candles. Why not?

In fact it the photo brought a smile to my face, who would have thought?

Lotuses are symbols of purity and ‘spontaneous’ generation and hence symbolize divine birth. According to the Lalitavistara, ‘the spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the [muddy] water which does not adhere to it’, and, according to esoteric Buddhism, the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein the lotus blossoms. In Tantrism, it is the symbol of the feminine principle.

Lotus candles are used in Buddhism/Taoism practices here in Singapore as a item for prayers and other religious activities.

But these are an alternative and a cool way to spruce up your senses and space.

A play of symbolism and inner perspectives too.

Personally, I like the idea of having fresh flowers – which can inject a breathe of fresh air and a livelier vibe.

But this also works, we can’t fill the entire space with flowers can we? Or maybe we could.



HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of White & Bedroom Dreams. Lisa Stickley (London)

Bedsheets. Another important accessory in the bedroom.

It has to compliment the colour palette of your room.

To me, the function is also to refresh your visual the moment you step in the room.

The bed is the main furniture in your bedroom. The one item, the evokes feelings of rest and reflection.

Prints are important too. Subtle, bright and chic.

Nothing too complicated that clutters the mind.

Colours, are part of my personality.

HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of Whites & Bedroom Dreams. (Photo via The Cherry Blossom Girl)

Aah~ Nostalgic homeware.

And a dream. Breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t want it – Really?

I love white in its varying presentations of use.

It provides me with a canvas to playup different features of an idea.

Showcase my love for pop and colour.

And it never fails to calm.

HOME & DECOR: Cocktails of Whites & Bedroom Dreams. Uncommon (Design Studio)

Lastly quirkiness.

Be playful. Add a twist to your theme.

Be it Soft & Floral. Country or Contemporary. Bold or Pastel.

It gives an added boost to your identity.

And a laugh at times or two.

Creatives, it should inspire.



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