LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Paradise Dynasty – A different Sunday Dim Sum Tea. (A Review)


Wouldn’t you like it? To not know than what to expect in a pleasant way.

A Sunday Dim Sum outing, that turned out to be a little different than usual.

At a Shanghai-nese restaurant instead of Cantonese.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty

I’m not quite sure to call it a novelty yet, but at least the presentation does makes me smile.

It seems these Xiao Long Baos in its multi colour presence has caused a little interest with us.

I am going to call these little beauties 湯包 (Soup Buns/Dumplings) – to simplify the image.

A simple twist in food presentation was all – Multi coloured hues.

A random google through food blogs has this same item as the main highlight.

What can I say? Paradise Dynasty does have a tagline: The Legend Of Xiao Long Bao.

I have included a link to the Restaurant’s press release HERE

More importantly though, does the taste hold up?

I had only tried the Garlic – Green (My favourite colour) and Black Truffle – Black.

But I believe, what each colour represents for flavour is reflected in each dumpling.

It brings down to a matter of preference and maybe a little experimentation.

Intensity of flavour, whether it goes well with the filling.

At first bite, if it brings you a moment of pure appreciation like it does with the normal ‘Xiao Long Baos’.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Colourful Xiao Long Baos)

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Black Truffle 湯包)

This was my first time, trying a dish with Black Truffle.

Naturally I would be curious with how Truffles taste.

And of course it it goes well with the dumpling.

VERDICT: Truffles seems to have a pretty intense mushroom flavour than can overwhelm some. Especially in a small item like a 湯包.

I would have preferred it to be a little more subtle to enjoy both the flavour of meat and truffle. But I guess the chef’s purpose might also to introduce the main flavour – that is the Black Truffle. And perhaps, the generosity of the ingredient?.

As for the Garlic (Not pictured), this is definitely recommended for people who loves the vegetable. In my case I would love it in my stir frys and other hot main dishes. But in a sip and a bite, I would most prefer the meaty taste in a simple 湯包.

Although, I would order this as a introduction to Xiao Long Baos for first time visits to Paradise Dynasty. To have a taste of the different before the original. Which might give you a better appreciation and comparison to this dish. And a fun way to introduce yourself to the tastes of modern yet Chinese ingredients and fusion chinese.

Here’s a few of my choices from the visit.

*Not included – Red Bean Dessert Pastry and La Mian (Handmade pulled noodles) in Signature Pork bone Soup. Which I will also recommend.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Chilled assorted eggs loaf in Yang Zhou style)

This is a light tasting dish, that I actually enjoyed. With the numerous deep fried and heavier tasting foods we had ordered. This was a welcome on my palate. The softness of the egg white, as you bite into a firmer bed of yellow. And then the burst of flavour from the Century egg. Textures and layers.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Braised Pork Belly)

This is a dish that had impressed me with it’s lack of oiliness from the fat we get from the pork belly meat. Simply put, well braised, vegetables compliments well with the slightly salty sauce.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Radish Pastry)

This reminded me of flaky Filo crust mooncakes with yam filling. But a much lighter version. The crust is light and flaky to the bite. The piping hot shredded radish added to a subtle sweet taste. My family preferred t eat it hot. But I realised to eat it when it is cold, the radish flavour came out more intense and sweet. That said, this dish is about the pastry making skill of the chef and the subtlety of a main ingredient that comes together.

You knwo what I love about 点心 (Dim Sum)?

A good pot of chinese tea, and the ability to linger around a dish to savour its flavours.

A quiet afternoon, family and an experimental taste outing.

The Cantonese phrase dim sum (点心) means literally “touch the heart” or “order to your heart’s content”. It may be derived from yat dim sum yi (一点), meaning “a little token”. (“A Touch of Heart” is perhaps the more poetic translation.) Though the English word “dim sum” refers to the Cantonese variety, the idea of a wide variety of small dishes for lunch also holds for other regions of China.

The drinking of tea is as important to dim sum as the food. A popular tea which is said to aid in digestion is bolay (po laipu erh), which is a strong, fermented tea.

Other dishes we had ordered.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Shanghai Pork Stir Fry with Flour Wraps)

We loved the piping hot, fresh flour wraps that came with the dish. I had tried a similiar pork stir fry dish before and find this somewhat disappointing.

I thought it was a little salty and the 紅燒 taste was not strong enough to enjoy it. This would probably go better with rice, as it is served with alot of sauce.

Imagine the whiff of 紅燒 pork and biting into warm moist wrap oozing with meat sauce. Good yes?

If the dish was a tad drier and the 紅燒 improved – A CROWD Pleaser.

The word 红(Hung/Hong) means Red (implied hot), and 烧(Siu/Shao) means burning (implied flaming or cooking or braising).

Maybe because I’m not a fan of Steamed Chicken. Or good at describing this dish. I would say, the skin was good – jelly-like. The chicken felt normal to me, aside from the chinese wine infused soya sauce that compliments it. That said, I do prefer the chicken from Soup Restaurant 三盅两件.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Drunken Chicken)

Lastly two deep fried dishes. which I felt was average. Although I must say, the pastry master’s skill for them has to be appreciated. Somethings are not to be taken for granted.

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Can't remember this. Chives in Pastry I think)

FOOD: Paradise Dynasty (Spring Rolls)



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