LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Ferrán Adriá, El Bulli, the past and the future.

As cliche as this may seem. Fashion, Art and Food could best describe my passion for life.

I’m posting up a video produced by of a short documentary of EL Bulli and the man himself – Ferran Adria.

I also liked that this would be one of the most current potrait of Ferran as of  2010. With english subtitles to understand the inner world of both the legendery man and the restaurant, thus giving Roses in Spain an almost mythical place to go to. And a doorway to a memory one might never forget in a lifetime of gastronomy experiences. takes you inside the world of super-chef Ferran Adria. This film is shot on location in Girona, Spain at his restaurant El Bulli, the spiritual home of molecular gastronomy.

JOURNAL: Ferrán Adriá, El Bulli, the past and the future. (Appetizer Spoon with 'Caviar')

What you see may not be what you think you eat.

Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, Memories, Assumptions. Presentation, Imagination, Effort.

How should I say it? Eating and digesting art.

OURNAL: Ferran Adria, El Bulli, the past and the future. (Spherical Olives)

JOURNAL: Ferrán Adriá, El Bulli, the past and the future. (The Soup)

JOURNAL: Ferrán Adriá, El Bulli, the past and the future.

I am disappointed by the news that El Bulli will be serving it’s last meal this June and closing its doors permanently this December.

And all this while, I had harboured this dream that perhaps one day, Spain would be my ultimate holiday desination.

With a visit to Roses, and hopefully be selected (and able to afford) to eat at El Bulli.

Suddenly it seems, it won’t be the same anymore. The whole idea of El Bulli.

JOURNAL: Ferrán Adriá, El Bulli, the past and the future.

Even if there is a culinary foundation to be built there to educate. Ferran Adria’s vision and objective for the future which is commendable.

The exiting legendary restaurant interior, the pace and passion, having been there and really done that.

Feels like a lost dream now.

Listen to the passion of the Spanish language his explanation for the art and technique of cooking which inspires alot.

Listen to his tone of voice in the video above. And perhaps catch a small real glimpse of the restaurant surroundings.

Appreciate it before it is gone.

Let’s imagine the dining experience with Anthony Bourdain as our narrator of his own expeience and a video clip or two to feast out eyes on the art and visual presentation of Ferran Adria’s restaurant concoction.

Perhaps what I am doing now, is my very small tribute to the great man. I considered a genius of this century.

And a place which will be held in memories and on stories of many in the future to come about a restaurant they had once had the luck and opportunity to experience works of art, gastronomy and science. The brainchild of one, partnership of two and the teamwork of many.

El Bulli to close permanently Adria will open a tapas bar and a separate cocktail bar in Barcelona. Called “Tickets” and “41 Degrees”


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