LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: HOME. #FoodForThought #Change

HOME. #FoodForThought #Change (Photo: Earth From Above - France)

#foodforthought – pun intended.

20% of the world’s population consumes 80% its resources.

5000 peoples a day dies because of dirty drinking water. 1 billion has no access to safe drinking water.

Lastly, don’t assume you know because you don’t know (In general).

Aside from the stunning visuals, and captivating tone of narration and information shared.

Global warming, pollution and the destructive actions of mankind has long been preached for as long as I remember.

Watching this video has been a great inspiration and reminder yet again, to live responsibly. Take actions and share thoughts even ideas.

For now, it is also a way to find my way back to the old self.

When i was 13, I used to chat online and thought I can help change the world.

Perhaps even through contributing by sharing this on forms of social media, perhaps something can happen.

For now, a bit by bit process of change in my lifestyle is in place.

All for the good and hope for the better.

HOME. #FoodForThought #Change

Customer schizophrenia
Mounting concerns about the environmental impact of food choices are driving demand for changes in product labeling and sourcing. The quest for shopping convenience requires different store layouts and even locations. And because customers tend to shop somewhat schizophrenically—using different stores for different shopping needs or the same store for different purposes

Knowledge and integrity is core to a business. Being socially responsible not only contributes to the people and the society.

It also helps spread awareness and enhances on the well being of everything.

How many businesses have managed to keep to that?

And through it, formed a deeply instilled reputation and branding?

I might be an amatuer talking really idealistically and lack certain business acumen.

But by reading, perhaps we might come to an understanding one day.

That preserving the old sometimes and reversing techniques. Might just be well worth effort for a better, brighter future.

And, for our children.


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