JOURNAL: Sex or no opposite sex. Let’s make it a sextet.

Ignore my incredibly corny try at rhyming.

Still, it’s funny – no? :)
Today a question had crossed my mind while watching Planet Earth on TV.
Question: Why in Animal Kingdom, the males usually looks better & have to fight for e female’s attention? Yet Opposite/Confused in the Human world.

The male animal have to not only possess a physically attractive package, but also the fight to win a female’s attention.
For the sake of procreation and continuing the species.
Sure, it is an in-built instinct.
Aren’t homo sapiens (us), suppose to have the same function?
Or have we, in our little self absorbed pace in life, forgotten the true relationship between a man and woman?
Yet, why does the task fall on the males in Animal Kingdom to convince a female that he is the ‘one’? Whereas in Humanoid World, it has become a .. let’s put this simply (I hope).
State of confusion – sexuality wise and accepted in some parts of the world/society.
Opposites – In the capitalist world of consumer oriented marketing and influence. It seems, the females have to work extremely hard to look good (Who should define looking good really?)
Buy this, wear that, do this.
Sure, the men have also put in effort. At least to some of them.
The Metrosexuals, Casanova Savvy and maybe a few others who are aware of the attraction game.
It’s all beginning to feel and look like a business transaction.
Whatever happened to true love?
I digressed.. I was on the topic of Male attracting Females, a Primary role.
Perhaps if we followed nature, the world might be a much simpler place.
And hopefully more easily satisfied.
With clarity about our roles in life, in terms of gender and purpose.
I see a loophole here. It’s the same with how documentaries are trying to warn and inform us about global warming, pollution and the effects of human intervention to Nature and technology.
As more females veer towards vanity and maintanence. And clamour for the opposite sex’s attention. Thinking that it increases their probability to be attached.
Adverse effects. When there is a surplus of ‘wanted’ items. The demand dwindles, the choices gets too varied. And the customer is unable to decide as fast, nor be sure about what he wants.
In fact, for some. It makes sense doesn’t it? Why not sample instead of pick. And wait for the right feeling, before you buy it.
Yes, I am saying women nowadays are like products. Humans are not and yet to be blame. What a contradiction.
Naive people not in the know are influenced by ideas. Especially when driven by through masses and taken in by the masses.
Information and communication. And idea can be drilled into you.
Being told what is good for you, and when a certain idea is absorbed and executed and handed down word by mouth. It seem to become true.
And that’s when the chain reaction happens.
It is the same with the Men.
Males are born to be ‘farmers’. Spread the seed and multiply.
An instinct driven by sexual desires more so than women.
There are ideas in the market to make them think like a woman.
That’s where the trend – Metrosexual (if I have missed out on any other better term pardon me) comes in.
Vanity, maintenance. Some gets influenced askewed – by a new trend/belief.
Given, maybe some of us are born thinking we can like the same sex.
But the  onslaught of feminity (Sorry I cannot think of any other word), softens up perspectives. Men might learn to understand women, but the table is turned around.
Men now can look good BUT they still want to spread their seeds.
Now what?
They look. Some pick and decide. Others just gets confused by choices.
Some even the women are hurt by the side effects of all these confusion.
The supposedly ‘cleverer’ ones, would think: ” Wow. So many butterflies, let’s enjoy the chase and catch. Maybe if i can really find one I like, I’ll take it. If not, let’s catch as many before we choose.”

Worse. It seems it is not alright for the females to do the same too.
Not that there are more male butterflies in the market.
So why buy? Why hurt? Just play and have fun.
What a mess.
In the midst, we all forget what is truly our roles in life.
Why we are a species and why we are able to survive through evolution.
Some live, some die. but a huge number provides higher continuance rates.
People get married and goes into a divorce.
Cheating, not being sure in the first place what they want, a unhappy uncommunicative relationship. The list goes on.
I see it as unsureness boiled down by an already existing stage of confusion.
Wasn’t the Male in Animal Kingdom: Attracts – Score – Impregnate – Sometimes Polygamy (Given) – Build Family – Feed (Some) & Protect?
And the  Female:  Attracted – Goes into a relationship – Impregnated – Builds Nest (Primary role / Together sometimes) – Give Birth – Nurse,Feed & Protect?
What I’m trying to say here is involvement. And knowing that the Main task was to start a family and make sure it survives. Clarity of tasks and roles for both gender.
Attraction and chasing is only the very beginning to a future of possibilities.
Looking at the current social stigma in the Human world. I begin to see clarity from this theory.
And yet, wonders and  still do. If the situation is going to get worse or better.
And how will people realize something is  really wrong and think deeper?
That problems are only created by humans themselves.
That every decision, action you take, the personality you build is down to you.
Not external factors, influences (I give it we can go astray at times) but have enough inbuilt guts to recognize the good, and focus.
That greed could very much be the core of unhappiness – to everything.
And everything in life is a cycle, interlinked and comes right back to us.
Some think Karma is a good answer.
For me, I begin to think it’s more than that.



JOURNAL: Sex or no opposite sex. Let's make it a sextet. (A Post-it I drew up inspired by The Alchemist)



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