HOME & DECOR: A few very cute things.

Laughter is important.

The ability to smile is even greater. :)

Aren’t these chairs from Anthropologie too cute for a garden setting or even in your balcony?

Wrought iron, Colours and Whimsical designs that makes me smile.

Kind of Alice In Wonderland-ish in a more feminine yet fun way.

Le Versha Chairs from Anthropologie by David Le Versha.

Le Versha Chair (Red) I love how the backrest looks and the colour red just pops.

Le Versha Chair (Orange) I would have loved this in a Turquoise too. But orange seems to excite me, must be the curves

I mentioned before I am a sucker for White Crockery yes?

This is great! Lace on Porceclain  = LOVE.

So pretty, and will look elegant in any setting without being too ostentatious.

Pictures from Hideminy.

Porcelain Lace Bowl from Hideminy

Angel Soup cup and Saucer from Hideminy. Too cute! Imagine a smile on your face every time you use this. And a conversational starter piece at your table.

iPad Sleeves. This is my favourite.

So the launch of the iPad 2 (Even I am interested now), has gained quite abit of anticipation and excitement.

How about a cheeky rendition of a iPad cover that also serves up as a smile sometimes?

In the form of a notebook! It symbolises what that slim piece of gadget does for us.

'Marble Composition Notebook' iPad Sleeve by Wonder Thread



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