JOURNAL: This made me smile :) What is Happiness? A revisit to an old writeup.


I think writing has its own certain magic.

It enables me to let go, remember, remind.

To dream, fantasize. Go to faraway places only my mind can see.

Conjure up a vision. Engrave my desires.

Sometimes when you think you have forgotten, and then suddenly you found it back.

Moments like this, never fails to surprise/amuse me.

Gotta love moments like that.

Same things, different things.

A waver between choices then and now?

A forgotten side of the self?

A moment in time, lost and found?

Today I remembered. And laughed at a little forgotten side of the self.

~ Things That Makes Me Happy ~

Cool Shades of Green & Blues.
Cozying up in bed on a rainy morning/afternoon.
Orange flavoured drinks
Fresh Orange Juice
Papaya & Milk Smoothies
Sunny Days at the beach
Meeting new people with intellect
Big / Medium sized Dogs
Fashion runways & models
Preppy kids
Fashion advertorials/blogs
Spontaneous friends @ a dance party
Exclusive clubs & beautiful people
Shades of Gold
Multi coloured jewels
Marni Shoes
Steaming cups of Latte in a cold afternoon
Strawberries, Chocolate & Champagne (In that order)
Scones, Fresh Cream, Strawberry Compote & Darjeeling Tea on a Sunny Afternoon
English China Crockery
Malibu Rum & Pineapple juice
Impromptu text messages from friends
Prints & Patterns
Interior design books
Modern Classical Piano & Cello pieces (Music)
Acoustic Music
Vanilla Ice Cream / Yoghurt
Rustic / Retro / Country Furniture design
Chunky Rings
Dancing No Holds Barred to Trance Music
Chilling with Girlfriends doing girly things
Home Cooking
Hosting Luncheons / Dinners
Designing things with my hands
A Well Cut New Hairtsyle
Online Shoe Shopping
Lazing an afternoon away @ KM8 (I love Rustic Sunny places)
Pampering Body Massages & Facials
Well Groomed Nails & Feet
A nice meal out with friends at a good restaurant
Going on a date with someone attractive
Recieving a surpise gift
When my company matters to someone and it makes them happy :)
A well stocked fridge
Chocolate Chip & Macadamia Nut Cookies & Cold Creamy Fresh Milk
Breakfast – Fresh Baked Bread & Butter / Sausages / Eggs / Beans / Orange Juice / Milk / Coffee
The smell of Fresh Baked Breads
The taste of Fresh Creamy Butter
Good marbled meats – Beef& Oily Fishes
White Furniture
Swings – Esp. the type that are tied to a huge Oak Tree. Wooden seats and rattan ropes
Being at the airport watching the planes take off
Being abroad an aeroplane, staring out the window. Fluffy Clouds and the setting sun..
Good Quality Ice cream when i feellike it
Reading and dozing off by the sea under shelter
Glass Panels
Marine Life
Discovery Travel & Living
Classy Feminine Chic Clothing
Watching a good contemporary arts dance performance
Candlelight atmospheres – Day / Night
Flowers in full bloom
Floral / Chypre / Musky perfumes
Beautiful Cupcakes
Imaginative handmade Jewellery / accessories
Garden inspired Solariums
Elegant Flower arrangements
Flowers outside a window
Mozzeralla cheese
Italian Food
The smell and taste of magoes
The creamy taste of Avocados
Western Food Styling on my plate :)
Swinging on a hammock outdoors
Cuddling up to someone I am In Love with
Weekends w/o plans
Freshly laundered and dried clothing
The smell of Sunshine
Fresh flowers in any setting
BIG Bouquets
Peonies / Lilies / Lavender
A warm well worn cashmere sweater
Island Bar @ Tangs
Dinner at Esmiralda’s
Being efficient at work and feeling statisfied
The satisfied feeling you have after a very good meal
Buddy cycling and speeding :)
The feeling when you have purchased a good bargain
Coffee / chillout morning on a sunny weekend afternon at Holland Village
Trying out new cuisines
High Bed strewn with plenty of down pillows and cushions
Luxurious bedding
Warm Lighting in a bedroom
Camomile / Peppermint tea on a rainy afternoon while reading in bed
Fresh Fruit Salads
Jamie Oliver Cooking Shows
Nigella Lawson’s Cooking shows
Enjoying a Cigarette over good Coffee at a Charming Cafe out of Sngapore
French Kissing under the Milky Way..
Soft Fluffy Comforter in bed
French Lace and  Baroque Designs
Charismatic People
Seaside Villages in Europe
Florence – Italy
Jamaican Villas
Munich at Night – Germany
Exclusive Dance Clubs
Engrossed in a good book
Designing my own place one day
Salmon – Grilled / Sashimi
Strawberry Shortcake @ Bakerzin
Kiwi Milkshakes
Holding Hands..
Beatiful Book Covers & Stationaries
Down Pillows
Rustic Villa Getaways
Clear Blue Waters at the beach
Bounding dogs at the beach, Or Huge Dogs swimming in the sea
A well set table
Silver Cutlery
Sea Horses
Telling someone I Missed Them today
A balcony
Sunset @ Sailing Cubs
Luxurious Btahtubs
An office on a top floor overseeing the city – Glass Panels
Waking up in New York City :)
Boston – United States
San Francisco – United States
Bordeau – France
European Men



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