DIY: Let’s talk about weddings. Baby.

Here’s a little rant about boring weddings.

How can Weddings be a personal yet shared joy of an event.

When the event itself is not personally conjured up from a personal idea.

Or the ideas of different creative people in a wedding.

(I love opportunities like that. Collaboratives makes it fun)

I’d like to afford to pay someone to do the job for me.

But at times, i think it would be meaningful and a personal journey of sorts to do things on my own.

I would like to have my own ideas and desires drawn up. And then be catered to my needs.

Let’s put it, my very own role in coordinating my wedding.

From start to finish, and then adding the soldiers to pull the whole show through.

That’s what I call a personal wedding.


The guestlist. Has to be the people I want to see, and know will be happy for my extra special day.

No obligatory invites, no consideration of ‘face value’, and excess-ant expenditure on having people I do not want there.

But genuine, I want you there because you mean something to me at some point in my life.

Not that weddings are the only most special day of your life. But it is a start of a new phase of your life. Worth celebrating for.



Everything is a Package here.

If you put in a little more effort, everything could mean a little more, in fact much MUCH more.

Than just store bought ideas and ready made generic commercialized products.

Yes, I am hopeful and also idealistic at this point.

We all know how expensive Weddings are in Singapore.

But let’s play a little fantasy here.

About how I would love my ‘WEDDING’ to be.

Without any prior research to local wedding forums, opinions from friends, or even brainwash nosh from sales people about how your wedding can be.

CREATIVITY. That makes things interesting.

Get people involved. Have a theme.

Innovate if you can.




In your:

Wedding Favours. Table setting. Event Location & Setup.

via Simply Bloom Photography


Wedding Favours.

I feel in love with these when I saw them.

The pastel colours, friendship bracelets. How sweet.

And the meaning behind them.

The boys might have a problem. Give them a beer.

Tiffany Blue Cakeballs via Austin Cakeballs

Here’s another idea for wedding favours or even dessert.

I love how cute these things are.

And so easy to eat – Pop in your mouth goodness.

And oh-so elegant.

Tiffany themes can never go wrong. Follow class and you get class.

Get the pun? :)

Whoever said cakes have to be in cups, squares and layers?

It can come looking like bon bons! So fun!

Pick a premium flavour – ‘Atas’ style. Or to keep costs low, choose Vanilla or Chocolate.

As long as it looks good, it tastes even better.

L’amour <3


via Simply Bloom Photography


Even the little details on the crockery & cutlery.

Extra visual touches does lighten up the heart.

A natural setting – Which I will love. Laid back, elegant. Outdoors

A wedding get together should be of joy and sharing.

Nothing to stress about by the time it happens, come what may.

A relaxed vibe, love and light.



via Bakerella

And of course. FOOD.

I like the bold. And I like design.

Of course the cake have to taste yummy :)


via Bakerella

Maybe a little imperfect is good.

Whose going to make me one?

It makes me laugh. Probably everyone too. In a good way.

Actually maybe I might attempt to make a tiered cake one day. For the fun of it.

It’s effort that matters and imagination <3


Table setting really matters. Creativity adds so much edge to it. Love the fish bowl!

by EB Cakes. Or a sweet piece of art of a cake to finish off for celebration? Make sure it fits your theme!

The menu always matters. Happy bellys brings smiles you can never imagine and contentment to people.

Happy people adds that magical extra touch to your event. Not money can buy.

I always emphasis on presentation of food.

Whether a menu fits a theme and it’s setting.

Which also falls on the thought behind creating a menu.

The taste, textures, experience measures up.

We are not just talking about elaborate here (Ok, we sort of are. Ideas really which does take hard work to put together).

It’s about sincerity, genuine thought and being fun!



Here’s a little thought about wedding shoots.

Of location and themes.

How often do we see wedding shoots taken around art installations?

I like different. I like art. Creativity makes my heart smile.

Why not?  This picture just gave me such inspiration.

Wedding entourage – Make sure the dresscode compliments. Details in fashion and image.

Choreograph your own photoshoot in your head. It will work.





Personality and style. The jewellery blew my mind.

The different. The bold. Chunky.

I have a weakness to different and chunky jewellery.

Throw in a little FASHION. Oomph up the glamour bit.

What you wear. – Yes you, because you are the star of the show. And hubby of course.

What’s worn on your whole wedding entourage.

Dresscode (Strict one pls.)

Everything compliments.

It is a way to let everyone know, have a little respect and come with genuine sincerity

(I use genuine alot. Because it really matters. Especially when you are old and grey one day. And remember days like these. you’d sure want a sweet, memorable one isn’t it?)



I love the details on her dress.

This is Carolina Herrera. And I love her for this dress design.

You know how people would associate Vera Wang to dream wedding dresses?

I’d say think out of the box.

If you want a designer dress, make sure you look out for the different. The you in a dress.

There’s only two ways I’d have my dress.

Vintage (Lace and beads) or Designer (Every woman will have a her own designer impression in mind).

Know what you want, and what designer will suit you.

And bouquets, keep it simple or have it artsy.

Colour coordination and Image.


via Confetti System

Should your  your wedding be a tedious task? That you’d just want to get over and done with.

Or really play a major role in for something that signifies the union of two people for the rest of their lives?

Do you want to:

  • Be involved in, yet not really truly involved?
  • Just point your fingure, chose A, B or C?
  • Food tasting from a worn out generic menu?
  • Pay loads at a Hotel setting, with the same decoration every other day?

My god. I am really throwing my opinions out here right now, I wonder who is going to thank me for this.

It’s planning baby. A little common sense and imagination.

EFFORT. Alot of it.

To find out, research. And find a style that reflects who you are.

If you have that. Personality .


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