INSPIRATION: Something frivolous.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few visuals to inspire beauty.

Glamorous princess gowns.

Something not of the everyday.





I like things tasteful.

In fact, a little classic would be good.

Something that when you look back one day in a picture and think.

Wow, that was a moment in time.

Time seem to sit still for abit..

When you remember.

Your youth. The memories. The things you’d want to portray about yourself.

And that still moment of beautiful is going to make you smile.





Vanity aside, a time to celebrate your felinity and being a woman.

I am surprised to have found a photo studio that is able to link images to an idea of how my own photoshoot can be.

Actually very happy. How much?.

Have I mentioned I love the Cello yet ?.

(Male Barbie accessory to be included).



















































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