BEAUTY: Skincare Regime and Products I like.

The Picture Of Dorian Grey (Oscar Wilde)

The purpose of a regular skincare regime. Is to maintain good skin and project a youthful image.
To me, it also represents the depth of respect one has for herself as a woman.
I guess the vanity in all of us, calls for the quest to constantly search for the best beauty products to achieve the best results.
Which is why marketing of beauty products seemingly attracts willing female consumers to constantly tryout new products.
I tend finish a product before going on to a new product (To avoid waste) and to properly experience the effects of it’s properties. Before gauging whether or not I will continue the same thing.
I can’t help but admit as we grow age each year. It does spur me to maintain myself better in terms of health and beauty.
At a younger age and a lower budget, I had used mainly drugstore beauty products.
Now as I have gotten older, the emphasis on quality ingredients and the ability to invest in higher market products has enabled me to experience a certain change.
Not just in expenditure habits, but also the knowledge of buying better products to better protect and maintain your skin.
All this have only happened in the recent years, but I think, the best way to prove my skin is better. Compliments that comes in.
The below products are what i use on an daily regime (Aside from the makeup base – Occasionally).
While products might not be always readily accepted nor suitable for everyone upon usage. This is my current products I use and are happy with.
I have grown up on the emphasis on the skincare routine: CLEANSE – TONE – MOISTURIZE.
Nowadays I emphasis also on: UV PROTECTION, EYES and LINES.
NOURISHMENT for Health and Skin.

A mantra always helps me remember.
And after years on saving on money through purchase of mostly drugstore products, I truly believe now in spending more for better skin.
Of course there should be a realistic approach to all of this, genetics also plays a part in your skin as with health problems.
That said, a regular salon facial treatment is also crucial to maintain great skin (Although how often depends on the budget and habit of each individual).
The squeezing and skin nourishment pampering is all worth it for clearer looking skin (All this is in my opinion. And personal experience).

In summary, Skin maintenance and illusion  is all about BEAUTY Products and MAKEUP Products.
I have Combination/Oily skin.
List of Skincare products I am using:

La Colline Cellular Cleansing Gel

The main brand is LA COLLINE, SWITZERLAND.
  • Cellular Cleansing Gel (Vitality radiance makeup remover, cleanser)Make up removal, in depth cleansing of face. Preserves skin hydration. Clears complexion gradually and regains skin tone clarity and tightens skin texture.
  • Next product to followup is Cellular Activating Gel. I don’t own this yet, but plan to in the future.
I love how this product does not leave a tight after wash feeling on my skin. A light cleansing product that does not foam. Great fragrance, very soothing. Imagine the smells you get when you are at a facial, when the therapist puts stuff on your face (Ok, not the best description but you get the idea). I’m do use a mild makeup remover (Would love to try Shiseido’s line next instead of drugstore brand), so a makeup remover/cleanser gives a little more boost when I cleanse my skin.  I also enjoy the fresh feeling it gives afterwards, which reminds me of L’Oreal’s Hydrafresh Foam Cleanser.

Garancia Philtre Légendaire et Centenaire

The main brand is GARANCIA PARIS.
  • PHILTRE Legendaire & Centenaire Retrouve (Serum with embellishing essences for the complexion)
used this as a toner and as an instant skin refresher. Enhanced with a powerful anti-oxidant: PEPS’KIN® (Patented), a protective shield against aging, pollution and stress. This was a product recommended by a over counter salesgirl at Sephora where I was first introduced by this range. And she swore by it, so I took the gamble. And as a shared opinion (now), love the fragrance. It is not overpowering, with a tad powdery musky smell. Another reason why I bought it, was for it’s mention of no chemical solubilizer was used in the ingredients, which means more natural. Some sort of a personal quality guarantee by the brand – Sold.
Main Ingredients: Organic Floral Rose Water (Purify, illuminate, rejuvenates and calms), Original Extract of Fresh Lemon (Invigorate, Cleanse and a tightening astringent) & Styrax Tears (Tones, energize and anti stress effects. Purify and protects. Cracks, Dry skin, ageing, imperfections, red blotches, freckles etc)
As mentioned on product: A toffee coloured deposit appears in the bottle: It is natural and comes from the alchemy of the different essences used. No chemical solubilizer has been used so as to preserve the authenticity of the formula.
Garancia Mystérieux repulpant facial Sérum
  • MYSTERIEUX Repulpant (Anti Aging Serum Concentrate)
For face and eyes. Reduce appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark eye circles. Made with 6 botanic extract and 5 patents, e.g Snake venom synthetic peptide. I have used this on my  naso-genial furrows as instructed (between nose and mouth) and  frown lines and have noticed an improvement to the lightening of the appearance of the lines. That said, it is proven to me that a youthful faces does comes with less lines and skin firmness. I do not think this product is a short termed solution for erasing lines forever, but it does reduce the harsher appearance of the existing lines.

Garancia ABRACADABAUME Perfect Illusion

  • ABRACADABAUME Perfect Illusion (Wrinkles and Enlarged pores corrector – Instant results).
I use this as a makeup base after my skincare regime and prior to foundation makeup. Also because I was interested with it’s scientific play on light emission and diffusion technology. To encapsulate light pigments in crosslinked polymers that optically reduces enlarged pores and fine lines .
Main Ingredients: Sandalwood extract (for antiseptic, astringent and purifying effects)Willow Bark extract (for softening, regenerative and healing effects).


NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex


The main brand is NIA24 (United States).
  • Eye Repair Complex (Niacin powered skin therapy)
For moderate to severe skin damage. 24 hour prevention repair and protection. Brighten under eye discolouration, reduce puffiness and read below. I have been looking for a non oily product for a long time (it produces oil seeds around my eye area, a hassle) and am satisfied with the light texture of this product. Added sun protection is also great – Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, as I like to tan or be in the sun for long hours when I can. Good for use on Face and Neck also which i have just found out!
Pro Niacin visibly improve skin tone, texture and hyper pigmentation. Strengthen skin barrier.
Matrixyl reinforces collagen and elastin to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Advanced broad spectrum protection for  UVA/UVB ultra violet ray.
Niacin increases circulation to help generate more vital cellular regeneration.


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