There are days when you know you have a good book in your hands, time seems to fly by and that priceless smile in your heart when you know you have enjoyed yourself.

And you have a secret now, that you might have just found a good book too good not to share.

And there are times when reading about other people’s unspoken thoughts, in postcards on cyber reality. Truth or not (I’m not going to question too much on that) are like  a form of relating. Solace.

Maybe even a little bit of a naughty feeling, that you had snooped into someone else’s life a continent away. How many of these are yours too?

An occasional visitor. This website have inspired me many a times, at different moods.

A passive participant (though I have left a post-it in a Postsecret publication before in the library. What a moment of self conspiracy and amusement!)

When one thought is shared to another, when an idea is passed around. And a community reacts and shares opinions or act.

It is one source of another start of mutual inspiration in real-time that brings a smile to my face.

I call it ‘People Art’.

And many a time, a moment of contemplation and simply to feel.

Maybe, the internet can be interactive and 3 dimensional after all.




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