FASHION: Alexander Mcqueen & Minx Nails.

Ultra Mirror-like Metallics, the future of Nail Colour?

Alexander Mcqueen S/S 10

The photograph had caught my eye, everything about it.
The metallic nail design stayed on my mind.
Alexander Mcqueen’s (R.I.P) Spring Summer 2010, was one of my favourite shows last year.
I remember being captivated by the show’s opening.
He made sci-fi inspired fashion sexy.
Amaradillo Heels and Lady Gaga’s Musical Collaboration (Bad Romance) rings a bell?
Anyway, googled.
Voila! – Marian Newman (UK Nail Stylist) for MINX nails for Alexander McQueen – Answers.

Alexander McQueen F/W 11' with Minx Nails photo by Becky Mayne

Which brought me to the knowledge of Minx Nails.
And I have to say, I ultra love the idea of super metallics on nails.
Nail Designs of the next level.
This is the third season Minx and Alexander Mcqueen’s team have worked together.
The design above is termed: ‘Crystal Cave’.
Some looks, I’d love to own.

Minx Nails - Metallic Gold

Minx - Silver lightening its a girl nail

Read about Lisa Logan and Marian Newman new signature collection, Minx Collection HERE.

Lisa Logan to design for first of the Signature Collections

Whether if it would be an easy DIY nail application is another question.
But graphic art and new methods for nail colour adherence is definitely going to intrigue for awhile yet :)
You can get yours in Singapore at:

Vedure NailSpa
Unit 04-06, 501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place
Tel: 6732 6448

  •  $110 for Minx Nails ($80) + manicure ($30) & $145 for Minx Nails ($100)+ pedicure ($45).

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