LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: The decision to go green-er with meals.

Health and Well-Being.

I acknowledge it as the coming of age as a woman.

Ok, and?.

I’d like to start incorporating more greens in my diet.

Something is changing inside me – of the spiritual sort. (Hark! Call the emergency! Something’s happened with me!)

There. Action taken for the self.

But really, I still love my meats.


Baby Spinach Salad w/ Bacon @ Robert Timms, Wheelock Place (Singapore)

I love pasta and colours and exploring new ingredients and recipes too.

So why not? Venture into new grounds?

Go Greener. (What a cliched overused word I know.)

And more home made love.

The effort to eliminate the dependency of pre-made/commercialized outside food and filtering the hoo-ha’s suggesting how we should do this/that.  Eat.Spend.Go.

I probably can make better food out of copied recipes online, from of what looks good and sound good to me in fonts.

Than some restaurants out there. Nothing of the gourmet sort, just homey.


Stuff I can control my dietary intake if daily vitamins and mineral myself.

C’mon. Other than hard to get / exotic / outrageously expensive ingredients.

Veg and meat can’t be all that hard to obtain.

Dig in, get my hands a little dirty with. I like it. Control.

I admit, I have never looked deeper into the food chain in Singapore.

Budget can be a problem, sometimes wet markets costs more than chain supermarkets.

So? Let’s start small, not go too much into all things ethical.

Win some, lose some. With an health objective.

Drop the ‘Singapore is a Food Paradise’ debate.

Don’t every country will have a reputed great go to places to eat?.

Thank the origins, the person who made/makes it happen.

Let’s move on with what eats me.

Better bang for your buck. Quality. And I know what I like.

And if I don’t I should start now, shouldn’t I?

Independence and Self Subsisting.

Taking responsibility here. My health.

There is no word to explain, how indignant I feel about food I come across sometimes.

When I spent more than I should, on a plate of nothingness. Poor quality, bad tastes and basically Rubbish.

Good money put to a day I bother to go out and want to make a good day of. And spent it for nothing.

Menu food that sells itself to be of a certain origin, cooked & served by someone who does it for money (Let’s not go too deeply into this) at a external setup.

Basically food that does might not even live up to its basics – Quality. Or at least flavoured well.

None of that confusing meldings of sodium. Ingredients thrown together to look ‘put together’. And then called FOOD. Because it goes to our mouths and to our stomachs.


How we don’t make food for ourselves by ourselves often enough (Not everyone), understand the cause and effect of globalising, changing food habits and food waste. Freshness and thought behind eating.

Yes it takes a little interest to move deeper into the topic of food.

Time to understand, explore and discuss.

We eat everyday don’t we? We feel something appreciative when we have enjoyed a good meal don’t we?

How hard can that be understood – That food plays an integral part to our living lives?

Not to guzzle it down, to just feed the body.

But soul. Taking the moment to savour. Taste and understand.


The ingredients.

The effort of the person who made it.

How the food gets to your table.

The flavours of life on a plate.

Culture and history in a bowl.


What are you getting?

Nourishment for your body?

Food that is value for money? Or just an excuse to spend.

This pursuit of happiness through gastronomy and movement of EPICurean descent.

(Don’t think about protecting the planet first or question that).

Well ok, if this helps grow perspectives a little.

Here’s an article: Ten Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Meat by Big Green Purse.

READ and understand my gist with an open mind.

L’amant de ca norfeo digue: pèsol, ploma, barca.
La veu respongué: tongue, tongue, tongue.
L’amant afegi: nap, gerd, trufa.
Finalment la papil. La s’obri’

‘The lover of Cape Norfeo says: “Pea, feather, bot.”
The voice answers: “Tongue, tongue, tongue.”
The lover responds: “Turnip, raspberyy, truffle.”
At last the taste buds open.’

Excerpt; A Day At elBulli (The Kitchens at elBulli)


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