LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Back to the Basics, Frugal Urban Living.

Part frugal living, part having a hand at getting to know nature.

Small ways. That said, effort to make changes w/ the way we live. One step at a time.

The idea of growing my own food where I live has been a very attractive thought.

It’s like change when the idea of tending to your own food, has never seemed possible in a world of Condominiums, Terraced houses, Flats and other compact living spaces.

The speed of living nowadays, emphasis on property ownership seemed to numb people about the quality of living instead of stopping them for a moment to think.

(I might be generalizing, but seriously. How many of us depends on fast food, quick pick me ups or outside food after a long day of work for example?)

Planting in your balcony

The idea of growing my own herbs had been on my mind for awhile now.

This thing with living in a concrete jungle and supposed urban living.

Makes me crave for a little more organic, down to earth most times.

(Which means – Off to the Sea or Gardens I go and hopefully a homemade picnic outdoors.)

I enjoy the smell of fresh herbs, though not often enough.

It is so much easier to pick up that bottle of fried herb and use it.

Not go out to grab some fresh, everytime i’m on a whimsy to make something to eat.

And yet, the very thought of what I could missing in fresh natural tastes.

How about a grab at go – right in my balcony?

Watching Jamie Oliver on TV is always fun (Really good salad recipes to take note in these episodes by the way).

The emphasis on fresh food eating and encouragement in the move to change the way we eat.

Gradually if we so understand, the beauty of appreciating ingredients and eating well.

A simple recipe we can make, a small move to change would go a long way for the future of how we think/behave about food.

Funny moment with the iceberg lettuces and talk about salads made me pause and laugh.

And then, why not?

Having more fibre in your diet is a good thing.

Succulent Garden via

Let’s read a little more about companion planting in a flat – For space saving and better growth.

Companion planting :

…the plants that grow together in the wild are mutually beneficial in that they allow for maximum utilization of light, moisture and soil. Plants needing less light live in the shade of those which must have full light, while the roots of some plants live close to the surface and others send their roots far down into the ground. This is known as companion planting. Companion planting enables gardeners to make maximum use of sun, soil and moisture to grow mixed crops in one area.

Some plants have a beneficial effect upon the garden because of some peculiar characteristic of their growth, scent, or root formation and soil demands…. –

I hear ya fellow Flat Dwellers. Growing even with no garden – Possible achievement.

Soon enough, I will start my small herb garden.

Compact within compact.

Here’s a useful link to start:  Frugal Gardening Tips thread via

Again, one small step at a time.

  • Reduce your environment impact 
  • Stop relying on supermarkets 
  • Make your own food


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