BOOKS: Recognize your Pasta (The Geometry of Pasta)

I had wanted to post up a basic Pasta Chart for my reference.

But this book came to mind, because of it’s interesting way of print to showcase pasta in all its forms.

I have yet to have a browse through with the book, but to say the least.

What an interesting way to look at food and learn your Italian staple!

Here’s a Visual of the Pasta Grid below, but Click HERE to visit the actual page site.

NOTE: Hover your mouse over each shape for Pasta Name :)

The Geometery of Pasta Grid

Inspired by the 1,200 named pasta shapes, designer Caz Hildebrand and chef Jacob Kenedy created a stylish new cookbook that pairs minimalist black-and-white drawings with recipes from London’s Bocca di Lupo. The book hopes to give non-Italians a proficiency in the skill of pairing pasta shape and sauces. When you pick it up in paper, The Geometry of Pasta book jacket doubles as a striking fold-out poster. And its website has recipes and an equally impressive guide to pasta shapes.   – Extracted via


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