HOME & DECOR: Breakdown. Simplify your life. Ideas from IKEA.

It has been awhile since I wrote about Home & Decor.

Last week I had the opportunity to pop by my happy land again, for lunch with the sister ($4 Swedish Meatballs meals every Tuesday!) and sipping refillable 50cents Coffee over Princess Cake (Prinsesstårta, My favourite) on a super sunny afternoon (Hello Sunshine again!). Happy Bliss~

On a Food Note: I’m thinking/wondering to make Prinsesstårta. Almond Marzipan on a bed of Fresh Cream, Raspeberry Jam and Cake. Mmmm.. Mmm. Mm.

How to make Prinsesstårta from the book, Hembakat är Bäst (Home made is best)

Fried chicken wings has to be the next national (Singaporean) food and obsession – The popularity at the cafeteria proved it.

Where was I?

IKEA (Singapore) of course!

Ok enough food digression.

Somethings you might not know about IKEA:

  • IKEA has released a Swedish baking recipe book, Hembakat är Bäst (Home made is best) photographed by Carl Kleiner and styled by Evelina Bratell; Filled with 30 recipes for baked goodies broken down by ingredient
  • Did you know that IKEA Family has a website called LIVE  and features spaces from around the world in their home stories section on their home and decor ideas.
  • IKEA launched an inspiring blog in Sweden called Livet Hemma (Life at Home)
Am I blabbering?.
All the inspiration from ONE BRAND.
And enough to talk about with Home & Living.
Ok, Budget. Storage Ideas. Design Initiatives.
All good yes?
All this reminded me of a Real Living Magazine article (Australia) which I read about a long time ago by Decor8.
About a budget apartment decorated by Tim Neve, editorial stylist and publisher for just under AUD$1000.
Inspired much? The article had been stored away in the corner of my mind till now.

via Decor8

Anyway, I have been thinking up ideas for a Balcony makeover.
Overhaul much needed and to make it a much livable space.
Bright, Airy and very much an area I will be pottering around much.
A little green, a working space.
Signe Dalsgaard Agborg – Create nature – Konstfack via Livet Hemma (Life at Home)
An example of what I would love with outdoor patios / balcony / porch area.
Wide open spaces. Rustic. Unpretentious.

IKEA Porch inspiration

IKEA Porch Inspiration

IKEA Lantliv Flowers inspiration

IKEA Inspiration Kruka


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