Lifestyle Tips: To living more inexpensively and better your life.

Costs of Living are rising. Spaces are getting smaller in Singapore.

There is constantly new places to check out, eat out at or own something.

Globalisation has definitely changed our lifestyle.

Earning more enables you to spend more.

But it could also make you forget, how to live. With purpose, reason and humbly (If I dare say).


How many of us have sat back and gave thought about how we have adapted to these changes.

And yet, never really given a full consideration of where our finances are heading to, that could have made even better good in our lives?

For me, I like to see a lifestyle change and have been striving to make change for awhile now.


There is no better way to stay positive in life and live fruitfully than to:

  • make efforts to stay healthy – Eat & Live
  • keeping your mind active – Hobbies
  • constantly seeking change – Challenge
  • ability to dream – Hope


With the way I eat, What I eat.

How I can do better with my money.

What I can do for the environment I live in.

To changing the way I live in my everyday living space – Home.

This blog records my progress and in many other ways a good alternative way to express, create and share.

Which in turn has become a hobby amongst hobbies.


Maslow's hierarchy of needs


Today, I have extracted a few tips from each article that I relate to, even to motivate myself.

All information extracted from Wisebread’s Best Money Tips: Improve your life article


I read alot. Seeking knowledge and having the ability to read and improve your mind is a great thing.

I enjoy the feeling for having the opportunity to pick and choose topics/titles I am interested in.

My library card is a gem.

Besides enabling me to make informed choices before buying book titles ONLY after I have read them and know I want it on my shelf, it also lessens problems with storage space at home for books I might have bought on whimsies/bulk.

The Singapore National Library (NLB) have an easy to use and helpful online portal to cater to your needs.

Check out GoLibrary for monthly free activities going on at your neighborhood libraries.

P.S There is a HUGE selection of Movies/Drama VCDs at the Library@Esplanade to choose from. I know because I have just found out :)


A Library Card
Your local library is a great way to have access to the latest books, DVDs, and CDs without having to spend a dime. They also offer free Wi-Fi, events, and programs which can easily entertain you and the entire family. Many libraries also offer free computer and language courses so that you may learn new skills.

I am sure many by now would have learnt about energy saving lightbulbs.

I first learnt about it at IKEA if you can imagine. When ‘Energy Saving’ might be a topic that could cross my mind.

While shopping for a reading lamp and coming across ‘Low Energy’ on their bulbs.

Again, I go: Make change, one step at a time.

“These energy-efficient bulbs help fight climate change because they reduce the amount of fossil fuels that utilities burn. You will save 100 pounds of carbon for each incandescent bulb that you replace with a compact fluorescent, over the life of the bulb.” – The Nature Conservancy

Lasts 10times longer, Uses 75% less energy, Emits less heat and much Safer (w/ Children).


Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
When your regular incandescent bulbs burn out, don’t replace them with the same type of bulb. Replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Nearly every financial advisor will recommend these types of light bulbs as they require less energy and can dramatically reduce your electricity bill.


If you have watched No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain like a food travel tv fanatic like I do. You would probably realise along the way how un-squeamish and almost always enthusiatic Bourdain is whenever it come to odd cuts of meat and parts.

In his Les Halles Cookbook,  Bourdain does not penalize but instead encourage trying to cook with cheaper cuts of meat.

The philosophy is – The less popular a cut of meat, the cheaper it can be possibly. While unpopular does not mean inedible. But to helps us understand the structure of the meat and use the right way to cook it. Challenge yourself. And don’t turn your nose up at food.

That said, my family uses the slow cooker sometimes. Just dump your ingredients, make a stew and let it cook for hours without having to check on the dish much till chow time. Great especially when you lack time to cook, a one dish meal works.


A Slow Cooker
A slow cooker may not seem like a conventional money saver, but for a family a slow cooker can greatly reduce the cost spent during meal time. Cheaper pieces of meat can be cooked in the slow cooker under tender, and these kitchen gadgets use less electricity than an oven or stove top. Slow cookers are also relatively inexpensive. A brand new slow cooker can be purchase for $39 or less and can easily be found at a local thrift store for only a couple of dollars.


A frugal lifestyle has many benefits including:

  • Keeps you focused on what’s important instead of material things.
  • Makes it easier for you to weather financial emergencies as your fixed expenses are lower and you are used to living with less.
  • Usually more environmentally friendly.

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