BEAUTY: Thoughts on BB creams, Snake Venom peptides and Snail Creams.

Before I begin my test with ElishaCoy’s Snail cream and Missha’s M Signature Real Complete BB cream – So excited!!.

Let me tell you a little about BB (Blemish Balm) creams and Snake Venom peptides.

I have tried both, for different reasons.

BB creams was a a good way (at that time, 2years ago < — 08′ research) to combine light coverage, beauty benefits and oil control in one. Mineral makeup was also something I was using for the sake of better skin at the same time. Basically to let my skin breathe a little more than the usual makeup (Talc content which clogs up pores).


It is said that the formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties.


Scandal Magic BB Cream was a cheap option for a first tryout (skeptical yet curious) at SGD$19.90 a tube from Sasa. Also, the darkest shade available at the time for BB creams in the SG market (I tanned alot then). Surprisingly I managed to get my hands on the last tube, the sales person told me it was selling really fast. Ok, curiousity Amped UP.

Scandal Magic BB Cream

Anyway, here’s my thoughts on Scandal Magic & other makeup stuff  HERE 

Verdict 08′:

I can’t say it has worked wonders for me. But i use it as a base over my Monistat. More for oil control purposes and also if the beautifying properties does work, good for me! This is one of the cheaper BB creams in the market though, and it was the last piece when i tried to find it at Sasa. So call up before you go check it out! Coverage is sheer, and apparently compared to the rest of the BBs in the maret, this is also one with the darkest colour. So tanned skinned chinese girls, you can use it :)


Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel was mentioned to be a very similiar ingredient used in Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer (Silicone based). So that’s what i used. :) Oil control was good and used as a base, my face was smooth after ‘makeup priming’.


Thinking back, I have to say. I liked the lighter feel of BB cream compared to two-way cake/ foundation on my face. (I am currently using MAC Ultracharge Lightful Compact, which I spritz with Evian before putting on my face for a sheer look). For the price one pays for both beauty and coverage in one product.


If you are wondering by now;

I am a MAC NC35, Fair-medium tone, Asian Chinese, Combi-Oily skin with enlarged pores on my cheek and nose.

Snake venom peptides was a accidental discovery at a Sephora Sale last year.

Garancia Mystérieux repulpant facial Sérum was the product I had purchased for a tryout.

And I liked it.

‘Unlike Botox it allows the face movement and emotion, but lessens wrinkles and paralyses muscles which cause creases ….. The effects are not going to be as dramatic as with Botox. It will also need to be reapplied as the body gets rid of it quickly.’ –

If you are thinking to buy this, I have been told at Sephora that they have ceased selling the range this year.

Garancia Mystérieux repulpant facial Sérum


Here’s my thoughts on the Garancia Paris range HERE

Verdict 11′: 

For face and eyes. Reduce appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark eye circles. Made with 6 botanic extract and 5 patents, e.g Snake venom synthetic peptide. I have used this on my  naso-genial furrows as instructed (between nose and mouth) and  frown lines and have noticed an improvement to the lightening of the appearance of the lines. That said, it is proven to me that a youthful faces does comes with less lines and skin firmness. I do not think this product is a short termed solution for erasing lines forever, but it does reduce the harsher appearance of the existing lines.


So there you go, my concerns with skin were mainly oil control and blemish (pore & wrinkle/lines) repair.

I want to re-experiment with BB creams again to arrive to a conclusion of whether expensive compact foundations or BB creams of sheer and lighter texture are my preferred product for my face.

This time with Missha M Signature Real Complete BB cream SGD$35 (bought at approx at SGD$29 in Korea) which is not yet available in Singapore (a tad more expensive with focus on oil control properties, moisturizing and immediate brightening effect upon application apparently)

MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream


has whitening and anti wrinkle feautures as well as SPF25 PA++ sun protection. It uses a patented amino acid complex designed to regulate oil secretion and skin moisture. Hypoallergenic .

[Sun Protection+ Whitening + Wrinkle Care, 3 in 1]
Infused with organic ingredients and Skin Lipid, this gentle formula adheres well, stays longer, and provides maximum coverage.


Because I am done with experimenting with Synthetic Snake Venom peptides, skincare products using Snail slime is next on my curiousity list.

Better yet, the product is not released in Singapore yet. (I had it specially bought and brought in from Korea)

I’m not caught up with the hype about beauty stuff, but I am an awfully curious person when something piques my interest :)

  • You can use snail cream as a moisturizer. It also treats acne, stretch marks, scars and sun damage.

ElishaCoy Snail Cream & Essence set

I have got the ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream and Snail Essence set (Bought at 80,000 KRW – Approx SGD$91 in Korea), which comes with an small portable tube of cream sans the gel mask. Gel masks was bought as a separate purchase (5pcs in a Box).

After a little research, I like their marketing/selling point: “No Makeup” approach & Naturalism concept – using all natural ingredients. Plus, if the Japanese who are known to emphasize on quality likes their product ( First Korean company to launch BB cream in Japan in 07′, and it seems a very successful launch), I’m game!

Comparison of different snail creams in Korea HERE

Elishacoy is a highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin’s self-renewal capability. Major ingredients include herb extracts which are known to be the ‘essence of botanical healing’ with a natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil. – via Hopeinablog

ElishaCoy Snail Cream via Hopeinablog


Snail Cream:

Snail Mucin Extract Concentration : 91 %

patented natural botanical extract is included in the formula to protect the skin and sooth irrirated skin. Containing 12 kinds of tea complex to moisturize your skin, the formula also includes hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract.


ElishaCoy Snail Essence via Hopinablog

Snail Essence:

Snail Mucin Extracts: 80%

with tomato callus extracts which is rich in lycopene, a very strong antioxidant. It also includes phyto collagen which is fermented from seven kinds of botanical extracts and marine collagen which helps in moisture retention and provides moisture, soy protein, EGF, adenosine which helps in skin elasticity and firmness as well as diminishing wrinkles




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