LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Why do I want to grow my own food?

Personal satisfaction and gratification.

Knowing that I have done something good for myself and my family.

A great hobby to start and a long way to go with ideas and experimentation.

Helping to lighten my carbon footprint by planting something

Knowing that when I make my own food, I am able to add my own greens that I grow myself

I am definitely having to start small.

My initial idea is to grow some fresh herbs to help flavor my food better.

To experiment more easily with recipes using fresh herbs than dried ones.

And trying hard not to get too carried away with this for now :)

Space is definitely a constrain.

Research to find out what might suit my limited space and environment (Shade and Sun)

But I would also love to utilize the balcony better.

Make use of the most open part of the flat!



Ultimately why do I want to do this?

I had been inspired many years ago by an Aussie man I know.

Who had tried to cultivate an interest in me with self sustainability.

Inspire me with the ideas of Solar energy.

Urged me to think hard about renewable energy – The sun and what I might make a career out of it (I didn’t).

I understood the climate in Sydney – Hot Sun at times with uncertain droughts at times. I lived there (yes, lived) for a week. Met and spoke to people, discussed and exchanged thoughts (Loved it).

Flew to Orange. A quiet western town, visited a Barnhouse out in the open farm areas (stared out into the endless night sky under the milky way. Stars!), took a train back from Orange. And managed to get off a few stations to view the varying landscapes. Beautiful.

Cherished the varying landscapes on a ‘homeward’ bound train trip towards Sydney.

I had been there and experienced the weather.

So yes, I have seen, and felt and know. At least a little. And the sun, when it’s out in full force, was scorching hot.



There are specific days one could use water to water the plants. Water was precious.

Global warming was a topic we discussed habitually about.

The question of survival in an unfriendly climate came to mind – What Ifs?.


Back to Chris, he had a self sustained farm in his backyard.


All that green talk and climate change emphasize in Singapore didn’t really take a real spotlight until recent years.


I was intrigued.

He had Rainwater collection on the roof which supplies water to the Yabbies (A type of  Australian crustacean) he was rearing in tanks, soiled water from the tank would flow to the plants – which means Fresh Vegetables on his dinner plate.

I can’t really remember what he did with solar energy.

But my god.

I was so amazed, by the idea of a man living and being able to grow his own food.

I was a city girl, as much as i thought I can comprehend things.

When ideas and examples hit you right smack in the face.

Sometimes it does takes you a moment to breathe, digest.

Life can be tough.


I was probably reeling more by trying to conjure up an image of how the water system works and how everything was aligned to work.

This guy was a tad disabled, aging and yet very independent.

He was somebody I would not forget easily.

Perhaps this is my little tribute to him.

Also, a way to enable me to explore more in my culinary interest.

There is no excuse, when there is still solutions to try.



This guy started growing his own food on a Fire Escape ‘Garden’.

Limited small spaces too.

Read about his thoughts on Why We should grow our own food.

Inspired much? :)


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