LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Refrigerator Voyeurism, Inspiration and Art.

Checking into other’s people’s lives through food.

Refrigerator voyeurism to be precise.

Would you get that teeny satisfaction of looking into a someone’s life and deduce – impression, inspiration and maybe recognize craving/s?

At the Singapore Biennale 11′ this year; Secret Affair,an installation in 8Q@SAM by Roslisham Ismail, I admit I was was all of the above.

(image source)

(image source)

Interestingly, one would also recognize the relationship between food and people. Even an involvement in this exercise – How We Live.

Here’s another example What’s in Your Fridge? by Documentarian, fine art and architectural photographer Stephanie de Rouge

Stephanie de Rouge 'In your Fridge' documentary Via Flavorwire

 I put on my journalist boots and my sociologist glasses and I stepped out with three questions in mind: What do fridges murmur about the food choices of city dwellers? Can we read a culture by looking at a shelf in their refrigerators? Does the non-stop rhythm of the cities induce new food behaviors?”

A project right on the other side of the world from here, on the same food spectrum.

Food in your fridge – Reveal much?

I think think so.

So #Change. Because I think we really are what we eat.

My own fridge! Living & Working in Thailand alone. Indulgences.


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