I have been diligently collecting recipes for quick meals and salads.


Because I wanted change in my diet.


MEANING: Project make my own meals more often (A pretty big expectation on the self for now, but slow and steady..)

Working Lunch Hours would mean visiting hawker meals and foodcourts.

Quick meals, limited eating time and crowded food places.

What stress.

Maybe even a  crash dinner, bought somewhere before sleeping and whatnot after work.



Can you bear with the thought?

I have been contemplating and planning my little balcony herb garden (Still in process).

Trying to convince myself, I can make my own food more often with fresh ingredients.

I do actually. Trying to make homecooked quick dinners at home.

And cook whenever I can on weekends.


I love to experiment with recipes.

It’s like travelling the world through tastes, imagining if a country does taste like ‘that.

Have an initial gauge, a little exploring and courage! to try new things :)


I have tried to pack my own lunch before.

Maybe I need a little more encouragement. (Hmm)

It seems bringing your own food in busy, effiecient Singapore can sometimes be deemed – Cost Saving = Measly even ‘Uncool’.

I’m talking with my own personal experience.

Are we really?


Anyway, need ideas?

Let’s peek into someone’s lunch to go!

I find Biggie* motivating – The effort, examples and thought put into her food.

via Lunch In A Box: Building a better Bento


Some great Lunch Box menu ideas:

I love Lizano sauce!!! It’s like the national sauce of Costa Rica — they have bottles of it on restaurant tables like there are bottles of ketchup in the U.S. Great on beans/rice, vegetables, meat, and (my favorite) eggs. Green heroin — yum. Fritatta recipe here.


Lunches to Go, anyone for 365 days?. (Ok, maybe not EVERYDAY)

Bentos are great.

Pretty, compact and enables you to be creative as much as you can with your food.

I prefer quick and simple, healthy. Fuss free.

That said, aren’t Dasio your best friend yet?

$2 Bento meal tools are just about to get a tad more fun :)


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