LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Back to the basics.

I was looking at this yesterday, and reading The Secret Life of Stuff: A Manual for a New Material World  by Julie Hill on the Chapter Exploring the material world’  about the process of Wood & Paper making, recycling & wastage.

”  When we think of wood, particularly solid wood, we tend to think of good furniture, perhaps antiques, and maybe high quality toys. We mentally contrast the warm, natural, enduring qualities of wood to the hard, synthetic, characteristics of plastic, even though much furniture now calls itself wood made from veneers (Very thin films of wood) and resin bonded woodchip, and is not designed to or intended to be any,ore lasting than most of the plastic we use.

  In the past generations, however, the significance of wood was principally as a fuel and as a construction material….

  …In past times, alot of paper was made from waste cloth, thus giving the plants that yielded the cloth a double life. I once visited a traditional water – powered paper mill in Basle Switzerland, where huge wooden hammers pounded torn up linen rags in water until they were reduced to pulp, a process that has been going on since the sixteenth century….

… Worldwide demand for paper is still growing – it is projected to increase by 77% from 1995 levels by 2020…”

A sense of nostalgia, overcame me. Reading provides that quest for knowledge and self reflections. At times spur realizations.

To keep this simple, how often do you pause to appreciate the things around you? People, things you own or even around you?

What does it mean to you?

via Cannelle et Vanille

A re-post from my previous blog dated 14th January 2010.

Wooden spoons.. I wasn’t really looking at this, until I came across the article again.

My mum actually had quite a few wooden spoons that she had brought, laying around the house unused. In a moment one day lately, I actually picked one up and used it. It felt.. Different.

A little awkward to the mouth from the usual steel ones we use because of the bulk, but yet it felt earthy (Is that a right word?).

Homemade Vegetable Soup (I included Shrimps) with Garlic Cilantro 'Pistou'.

I guess I had wanted to know what the difference was, and since it was just sitting around the house. I had to find a use for it! Such a waste.

It has seen to the uses of spreading Honey & Butter to my bread though (Don’t ask me why. It just seems seemingly Au Naturale). My soup spoon.

Perhaps sometimes, when you change the usual mode of things, it becomes a moment. And a choice.

Inspired by the Article: Pretty Spoons – Nic Webb

Spoons feed the stomach and the soul. This is where memories come into play. I assume the spoon was the first utensil that you were introduced to as you began eating those yummy purees as an infant………………………

Spoons symbolize love and care amongst many other things, don’t you think? Perhaps that is why so many of us are drawn to images of them but also to admiring their shape and feel — always the perfect fit and weight — in our hand.

Have you ever thought about a spoon in this way?” – Holly Becker

Wooden Utensils by Nic Webb

Wooden Utensils by Nic Webb


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