LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Forlino @ One Fullerton (Singapore) – A Review

Ambience, Indulgence, Service.

Sensory Test.
Sight, Taste, Feel.
Mood. Taste taste taste. Feel.

An almost 4hour dinner, that brought us to a small height of euphoria.
When given time to take it slow, enjoy a convo, company is important.
And you know what? Small luxuries thrown in sometimes is a great measure.
Viva Life!

December 2010

A moment.



A very backdated log.

The menu should have changed by now.

My sister and I decided to go for a fine dining experience last year.

Dress Up! Girly night out. Decadence.

This must be one of the most expensive meals I have ever paid for.

But a good one.


Spending time with a loved one.

Doing something very different.

I wanted to approach the experience with an open mind (With a taste expectation of course).

Like visiting an Art Gallery for the first time.

Deduce how I feel with this.



Black and White checkered tiled floor, a  Baroque Luxe interior.

Lead us to the reception, where we were brought to our table.

The main dining interior, were Black Cushioned walls, probably soundproofed.

And a 180 Degree view of the surroundings via Glass panelled walls.

I appreciate that we were unable to hear the noise coming from the Club (Butter Factory) downstairs.



One Fullerton holds some good memories for me.

When Lola & Centro used to exist.

A different type of crowd, music appreciation.




We were seated at a private corner, with the Fullerton Hotel right beside me, the view of the Bay/ Merlion in front and in the distance the newly built Marina Baysands (Which was the side, where the most sought after tables were). Oh well.

I really enjoyed it.

Something about the soft chink of glasses and utensils.

Quiet chatter.

Mature crowd.


A moment.


Quiet Privacy gives you a certain transcience in a public space to reflect.

Conversations flow, in a relax space with the slow swirling of wine in your mouth.

A moment paused. This slow lingering I didn’t expect.

A smile, a thought and the whiff of good smells.


Another moment.


A curious Maitre’d  and a serious Sommelier. Probably wondering what were this two “young” un’s doing in a expensive restaurant. LOL. It was fun, the irony. But we were looked after, albeit a little rushed (Our fault, we were late for our reservation).

Digression from Food post: We were pampering ourselves at a Hair Salon :) New haircuts.

We finally left at a little past 1am. (Yes, I know.)


Feeling it yet? :)


About the food.

I had mixed feelings about the menu.

Perhaps I was looking for something alot more than expected.

A deep satisfaction of the hungry mind?

The food was good, but it didn’t touch my heart.



Dishes I do like though are:

  •  Roasted Suckling Pig with ‘Pimento’ Peppers and Spiced Apple Sauce
  • Crab Salad with Wild Rucola, Sweet Pea Leaves and Cantaloupe
This is the second time I have had Duck Confit with Tagliatelle (The first time at Brasserie Wolf a French Style restaurant at Robertson Quay), and I wonder if it is the Confit, Pasta combination or the overall taste together that I do not have a penchant for both times.
I like duck (I believe in whatever form is is served) and I do love Foie Grais.
Gamey dark meat & Nutty Buttery flavours. What’s not to like?

The menu.

The combined experience is still worth it though.
Mainly good company counts, and then the slow savour of your food with no real disruptions.
Other than the occasional reccomends wine pairings (By the Sommelier), serving of food.
And well, actually the curious somewhat protective Maitre’d!
Just be prepared and willing to spend for your meal.

If you are reading this, Please pardon the dodgy photos. Faulty camera and low lighting.

To be honest, we were more inquisitive than savvy fine diners.

And probably the only two snapping pictures LOL. Oh well!!



The Amuse Bouche (A sort of a pudding like cheese) I lack the artistic eloquence of a food writer.

Foccacia Bread with Oilve Oil on the side. To go with the Amuse Bouche.

Crab Salad with Wild Rucola, Sweet Pea Leaves and Cantaloupe

Pan Roasted King Scallops with French Beans and Hazelnuts

Tagliatelle with Duck Confit and Goose Liver

Roasted Suckling Pig with 'Pimento' Peppers and Spiced Apple Sauce

Licorice Creme Brulee with Raspberry Gelato

Petit Fours to go with Coffee


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