BEAUTY MUSINGS: Beauty Hauls from Seoul, Korea

Skin maintenance, aren’t many of us women kind on a constant quest to seek the best result through various product tryout?

I am a person who does not like to purchase things especially when it is hyped up. But preferably when I am able to research and retrieve sizable feedback online at a later stage.  Korean beauty products are still relatively new in the market/industry to me. And I believe in experience and years of skincare research and reputation on branding.

That said, I usually try to finish the whole course with whichever brand that catches my eye – product quantity to have a good feel of the benefits of the product on my skin. If I am not convinced, I move on to a new brand.

My first contact to Korean Skincare was ENPRANI:

  • Enprani Super Aqua By Enprani Toner
  • Enprani Super Aqua By Enprani Emulsion
  • Enprani Super Aqua by Enprani Blue Water Gel Mask (Wash Off)
  •  Enprani All That BB Cream SPF25 PA++

Enprani Super Aqua Set

I had purchased the product after being introduced to its benefits by a beauty shop near my place. Which I felt did not prove a big difference to my skin prior to my previous daily skincare regime. An upgrade to a more expensive skincare routine, but I am not convinced by it’s hydrating skin benefits. Even though it is reputed by it’s website ” Korea’s top 4th selling luxury brand for ladies in their 20’s. ”

I do like the very refreshing smell of the products. Value for money, in terms of product quantity for the price you pay.

This photo belongs to


Here’s a photo roundup of the products I have received as presents from Korea.

These products are purchased directly in Seoul, from The Makeup Shop.

Beauty Products/Presents from Korea :) This photo belongs to

I’m am really keen to try out Elisha Coy for the first time, also because of the snail mucin technology for skin healing and regeneration. I’d like to see if the results does meet the test. (So far, it really does work well on my stretch marks, which has faded quite abit. More on the product review later when I am more sure of its effects).

Also, because Elisha Coy’s range of snail products are very exclusive in the market at the time of purchase (Earlier this month upon purchase) , production date on my products dated April 2011! And my mum informed me that the sales associate mentioned to her that these are not sold out of the country yet nor marketed widely. Because it is very new. Fresh products from the factory – wow :)

You can read about my thoughts on Snail Creams & BB Creams HERE.

Elisha Coy Snail Cream Boxset (Snail Cream - Jar, Snail Essence - Dispenser, Snail Cream Sample) Snail Hydrogel Mask is an external purchase.

Odbo – I have never heard of the beauty brand until receiving these facial masks recently.


Odbo is not for sale anywhere other than in its home country, South Korea. As to date, the only place to obtain this face care product is to visit the headquarters of The Face Shop to get the odbo Korea, in Seoul.

I did a google to find out about the product availability and pricing in Singapore. You can try to purchase them online from ready sellers here.

Ginseng Mask (SGD$4.50)

Ginseng is Korea famous product. Odbo Ginseng mask is suitable for all skin types. It a mask which have Ginseng, CoQ10 and collagen in it. Just apply it on a drying face, remove after 20-30 minutes and pat excess serum into face gently to allow remaining essence to be absorbed by skin

Essential Brightening Mask – Vitamin C (SGD$3.50)

Vitamin C is a great solution in skin care. Vitamin C is an excellent water soluble antioxidant that destroys free radicals preventing pre-mature aging as well as having other important roles in various bodily functions such as the formation of bones, assists in the formation of collagen and repairing scar tissues among others. As such, Vitamin C is a very important ingredient to skin’s benefits. It’s a mask that specially formulated for skin brightening & soothing.

I do wonder why, this particular brand is only available to tourists visiting the shop and not marketed anywhere. According to my mum, the products in The Face Shop are not allowed to be purchased by locals. Pricing that works like DFS or a specific marketing strategy to create consumer hype – exclusivity?

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Missha M Real Complete BB Cream. I had long wanted to try out another brand of  BB cream in the market. But had pend my interest after my newly purchased/distraction of M.A.C’s Lightful range. Which apparently is exclusive and caters to Asian Skin (An upcoming review soon). So this recent haul was all by chance and through opportunity because mum  is traveling to Korea.

I’m not a fan of Missha (even thought there was quite a hype in SG with it’s facial range for awhile) but I had initial interest with Missha M Watery BB Cream SPF25 PA++.

Rojukiss Pore Clearing Skin Mist

Rojukiss Pore Clearing Skin Mist was a product that is very new to me. A quick google online, seems to come up with links with the Thai language more. it seems, the product i have on hand right now is relatively unknown. I do wonder if, with the vast number of beauty products and the hype over Korean Beauty has diluted the number of reviews possible for certain products. Or if I am actually in the dark!. with certain brand/product popularity.

I do look forward to noticing a more refined skin surface with the minimizing of pore size. I’m using this in replacement of my Evian Spritzer also.

I came across this phot0 and remember liking it though. It did shrunk my pores.

Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source (Sample)

If you are reading this, do share your thoughts on the products. And I hope you enjoyed my very brief introductions to some Korean brands!


4 thoughts on “BEAUTY MUSINGS: Beauty Hauls from Seoul, Korea

    • I’m still very new to Korean Beauty products actually. But I’m loving the Snail range from Elisha Coy. It actually has better facial results compared to Enprani. That said, product quantity for Enprani is pretty generous for the price you pay. :)
      Tell me about the Goyun Oriental range if you do check back Kev!

  1. Did you like the Elishacoy snail products, did you get good results from them? I’m trying to decide if I should buy them or not and I’d love to hear what you think! :-)

    • Hello Alice! Sorry for the extremely late reply. Here’s my feedback:

      Elisha Coy does deliver it’s promise to regenerate skin. I used it on my stretchmarks alot (Both Essence and Cream) and it was obvious after 2 weeks how much the marks have faded.

      I have tried normal moisurizers both drugstore and not, and it does not work as obviously. So for speed of effect from products – GOOD. Since snail slime supposedly promotes resilience and flexibility.

      As for the essence, I use it when I am lazy to pile on facial products. On the overall a good product too for facial regime upkeep.

      Both products are Non oily, absorbs well and only a thin film is need on the face :) Hope this helps. Great for Oily/Combi skin.

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