LIFESTYLE MUSINGS: Thoughts to the near end of the month (June 11′).

What makes you happy?

Is this a question you have asked yourself often?

Was there ever a definition towards the term complex and simple?

I love going out on weekday afternoons. When the contradiction of work versus play sets in. The crowd less maddening and congested. The sun is out, and I am living through the daylight of living. Do you think you are in a semi private world when you stroll the streets, go about doing things, running your errands? I do.

A group of canoe-ers on a tranquil afternoon out at the Kallang River made me smile :) Cloudy weather, breeze in my face and a great view of the river. Remember the lone drinking place out at the river? Memories: Chillout at the Balcony, Pebbles Bay, My 1st SYF grand performance at Kallang Theatre. Meeting & working together with Korean Artistes for a Dance Project. at Kallang Stadium. I should really check out the Canoe Club one day. Miss doing this.

Food. I love making them or eating them (My favourite meal right now, is a super quick: Oven roasted Chicken Steak w/ Herb seasoning &  a side toss of Salad). Cravings tells me I have missed out on something for awhile. Appease. It makes me happy. Not over indulge but enjoy the moment, live through a form of sustenance. Planning a menu is like conjuring up a scenario through the talk of food. Eat – See, taste & feel. Colours and smells. Effort.

An afternoon salmon lunch with a friend, at a sunny IKEA cafeteria. Away from the usual meatballs order, and favourite sides of Princess Cake & Coffee. Cheapest coffee in town with a good aroma of roasted coffee beans. All for 50cents, refillable too!

I enjoy a good breakfast in the mornings. It makes me think I have started my day right. Waking up, thinking about what to eat to start my day right, being able to eat what I want. I am trying to make a point to eat well and accordingly. Making choices that are right for my diet and well being.

Mince Pork and Century Egg Congee from a Tingkat (Local Chinese Portable Food Carrier). When mum remembers, she will buy food home with the Tingkat, save on the plastic bag wastage. Our little way to help the earth :)

Books, have always been my first love. Sometimes I amuse myself through my book selections, like a reminder of time. Preferences that spans from a childhood interest to current interests. Varying tastes that changes in time. They are a constant company, a friend, a source of knowledge and a mean of sharing through expression.

Current reads in Philosophy, Food related topics - Fiction & Non Fiction, Love, Understanding the cause and effects of Waste & Recycling. Basically human sociology from books.

Do you wake up sometimes and remind yourself to do something different everyday?

I do. And I try everytime.

Sometimes we don’t. I don’t. Things happen. Moods are something you don’t get to control only distract.

This month, I have added a new hobby/interest. Gardening. It culminates. From reading into it, research to actual action of building my own little garden. Trying and possibly fail and try again. How big?  Does a garden have to look like every other garden? No. I like the idea I am working towards utilizing my space.

An afternoon spent at Singapore's Hort Park. Digesting gardening tips and a recap of ideas. My favourite area was the greenhouses with the masses of flowering plants.

The balcony is now a space to relax. Away from the rest of the household. To read, relax, to think. And in time, hopefully hosting a small edible garden of herbs and greens.

Beautiful tiled motifs of flowers and butterflies. Love the use of broken mirror bits too. Pretty!.

A stroll at the gardens. Always eases the mind, peaceful surroundings. Inspirations from nature. Do you always imagine a frog on the lotus leaves when you look at them? I do :) Childhood imagination from fairy tales.

Lifestyle habits can change. Old habits especially unhealthy ones can go away when you take time off to think and evolve on your own. Decisions, should never be made by anyone but yourself. Always have your best interests at heart and only then, can we ever influence with a vigor derived from good.

I love, that I have more time to read, made an effort to visit the local museums, explore my curiosity with visual art, try to eat well, restructuring my living space and last of all. Making an effort to better my life and pursue my interests and build towards my own ideals of how I want to live.



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